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Discussion in 'Patriots Draft Talk' started by mgteich, Apr 30, 2011.

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  1. mgteich

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    Sep 13, 2004
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    Obviously, Belichick doesn't see the need the same as posters here. Perhaps, he just didn't like what he saw in the draft. In any case, it seems that the front seven could certainly use upgrades or at least camp competition.
    The secondary is fine. We have 12 in house that will compete for roster spots.
    McCourty, Bodden, Arrington, Butler, Wilhite
    Chung, Meriweather, Sanders, Downing, Page, Brown, Barrett
    We've already added Stroud.

    Warren, Wilfork, Stroud
    Wright, Brace, Deaderick, Pryor

    Richard, Weston and favorite are our kids.

    There are lots of question marks, starting with the health of Wright. At very least two players are needed. One is needed to compete with Stroud for his DE roster spot. Another should provide competition or upgrade from Wright and or Pryor.

    We would do well to bring back G. Warren if he is interested. He probably won't be.
    There is no need inside with Mayo, Spikes, Guyton and Fletcher in place. Obviously, we can always use a top STer, often labeled as ILB on the roster.

    Banta-Cain, Ninkovich, Cunningham, Moore, Murrell
    With all respect to our staff and our players, there must be players available to upgrade or compete with this set of five.
    We need 4-5 defensive players, all DL's or OLB's. That's not a lot for free agency. And they may not all make the team.

    I expect the defense to better in 2011, even with no additions. After all, we have Warren and Bodden back. We might have Wright or Pryor. Cunningham and Spikes should be improved in their sophomore year.

    But, I do not expect us to go without additions.
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  2. Boston Boxer

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    I still found it strange that we did not address this in the draft at some point. I think if Dowling turns out as McCourty did, then we would have two top CB, thus making the pass rush a little better. I think we had an ok draft, but would have liked at least one DE/OLB in the first 3 rounds. I see us definitely getting someone in FA to fill these voids.
  3. convertedpatsfan

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    After some sleep and some alcohol, I'm okay with passing on the DL. The guys at the back of the first/early second were not really much, if any better than what we have.

    The OLB spot concerns me. I don't think we need a pure pass rusher like many are wanting, but a 3-down guy to go opposite Cunningham would be great. I don't think Ninko will be that guy, though he's shown some improvement and could be a very good 3rd-down option.

    If we get that hypothetical guy, then Tully becomes a specialist, which he was 2 years ago and that worked out fine. Ninko is good in coverage, and assuming Cunningham progresses, we're not that bad.

    Am I absolutely insane for thinking Eric Moore might be that guy? He was impressive in limited time, though I didn't see him standing up much. With a full off-season to make the transition though, I'm intrigued.
  4. Belichick's Midget Army

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    Apr 9, 2011
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    I got mad when they passed on Kenrick Ellis in the 3rd to choose Mallett, but then I found out that the guy may go to the joint for 20 years for felonious assault.

    I still think the defensive line is weak and we seriously lack a quality pass-rusher. Unless Cunningham turns into one, we have nobody. I don't know if they are thinking that kid from Central Arkansas is a good prospect to develop or if they are thinking FA (which, hehe, we haven't because of the lockout), but without pass-rushing from the edge, I think the young secondary is going to keep suffering like the past 2 years.
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