The Browns scored 51 on the Bengals D: What could Brady do???

Discussion in ' - Patriots Fan Forum' started by Lifer, Sep 23, 2007.

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    The possibilities are staggering!!!!
  2. patsox23

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    We're not going to score 51 because it won't be that close a shoot-out (I hope) where we will need to. Once we get up by a certain amount (again, hoping), we'll start running the ball and eating clock.

    P.S. (Fill in own "the Pats only score 38" joke here.)
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  3. Remix 6

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    and the Bengals wont score on us enough to give us the ball back

    basically the bengals-browns game was
    bengals get ball: score
    browns get ball: score
    bengals ball: score

    and so on

    Patriots game we will get more turnovers, 3 and outs, etc
  4. PYPER

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    My money is on 38 points. I figure we'll probably be ahead by at least 3 TD's after 3 quarters and then we'll just milk the clock in the 4th quarter the same way we did to Buffalo today.

    On the other hand, the game is in Cincy on MNF so if they ride the momentum of the crowd early and get off to a good start, they may force us to unleash the full power of our offense for an extended portion of the game. That would be bad for Cincy. If we played pedal to the mettle football, we'd probably finish with 90 or 100 points. But I'm sure we'll reign in the dogs long before it gets that out of hand.
  5. carolinatony

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    We should be able to put up more than enough points to beat them but who knows if its 28.
    We all would take a 24-13 game.

    But...I see a few more Brady to Moss TD's in this game.
  6. mgteich

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    38 seems to be the right answer
  7. Stop Being A Jerk

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    Cinci looks beatable today against Seattle. I've only been watching the second half but I've already seen a number of plays that our players (hopefully) would have made, particularly on defense. But obviously everything changes week to week.
  8. Boston Jay

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    Cincinatti looks very beatable against Seattle. Graham kicking the ball out of bounds was a bonehead move.
  9. Patsfanin Philly

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    So was the Cinn receiver running a 9 yd out route on a 3rd and 10 with the DB 5 yds off, going out of bounds a yard short of the first....

    Can someone give me a rational explanation why Marvin Lewis went for 2pts and not 1 after the Bengals scored a TD with about 4 minutes left to go up 21-17, a four point lead? If you make the two points, it's still a 6 point lead, but if you miss it it is still a 4 point lead. In contrast, kicking an extra point makes it a 5 point game...The difference??
    If you go for the single extra point and make it (99% chance),you're up by 5 and if the other team scores a TD, they now have a one point lead forcing them to go for two which is a 50/50 proposition or less and you only need a field goal to tie or win if their 2 pt attempt fails....

    If you go for two and fail, you're up by 4 and if the other team scores a TD, they go up by 6, kick th e extra point and they are up by three. Then, a field goal only ties the game.......instead of winning it.....
    They still lost because of the fumbled kickoff return BUT.. it would have come into play haD Palmer had the time to move them down the field.....
  10. mgcolby

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    I don't know but I will be in Section 150 watching it next Monday night!!! Wooohoooooooo!!! :rocker: :woohoo:
  11. I'm a lil worried about this game. .. Seriously.. But I can count on the fact that one of those players will say something stupid.. Johnson, I'm sure he'll say something, but it seems like all the players enjoy him.. Now, I'm putting my money on Houzyourmama .. He's always talking junk.. :singing:

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