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    Well he's saying the right things and I like the fact that he did his homework on the organization with players who have actually played or are currently playing for this team.

    It's amazing how many players are in touch with others. I never would've guessed that he and Brady have been talking on and off since 2004.

    It was also nice to hear Deion doesn't hold anything against the team after what happened last year and gave Stallworth glowing reports about the organization when asked.
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    Is it just me or are the answers that each of these players give to questions more or less the same whoever they are?

    "Came here to win..."

    "Good to play with Brady, be coached by Belichick etc"

    "Am good team player with good work ethic..."

    "Sun rises in the east, sets in the west..."

    Aside from the little insight into the players he spoke to, there's very little of real interest in this.
  4. PromisedLand

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    I wonder if Deion thinks a little more highly of NE after having spent a year in ANOTHER organization?
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    Yep.. he, like others before him, have learned that the grass is not greener on the other side... maybe the money is, but not the grass :D
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    Hmmm, I wonder what Ricky William's comment on that would be ... ;) :D
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    I would probably give plain vanilla answers too. The instant an athlete says anything short of cliches, it becomes a 10 minutes segment on ESPN, the statement gets analyzed every which way so that it can be argued that it was somehow offensive, every other coach in the league pours through it to see whether there is something they can magnify into bulletin board material, and the finest on this board and boards just like it all across the NFL start ripping it apart to claim that their team is just SO disrespected.

    It's not the athletes' fault. It's ours. For making mountains out of molehills and for continuing to watch, listen to and tolerate ESPN's national enquirer style and talk radio insanity.

    Lance Briggs actually gave some real answers yesterday on ESPN, and look what's all over talk radio today?
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    Look for a stamp on their forehead, or X-Ray for a microchip in the brain. :D
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    Stallworth and Washington go sky-diving together???

    By the way, it sounds almost as if Stallworth deliberately talked to supposedly disgruntled ex-Pats -- Law and Branch. Or, more precisely, to guys who turned down big contracts from the Pats.

    Sounds like solid due diligence, actually.
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    It is, but I wonder what he was thinking he might hear?

    Cliques on the team?

    Belichick a sadist?

    Brady a prima donna?

    Of course, before anyone jumps on me, these are all tongue-in-cheek.
  11. MoLewisrocks

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    In the cap era players have become much more a fraternity. FO's and fan bases are fickle. And as the media fuels their celebrity status and brings them together more often than ever in during off season events, they learn to like the guy whose talent they may have admired but thought they couldn't stand when lined up opposite him. They are an elite group whose bond is having just made it to a level so few ever do. Most of them just want to play and hopefully succeed and get rich in the process in the NFL and really don't care who signs their checks. They also just don't see these blood feuds the media loves to stoke naive fans into embracing.

    Felger wants to dislike Stallworth (not the signing because he's on his signing is good high, just the player...kinda like Corey) and he had a reporter from the NO paper on Monday to get the dirt on this guy. Only the reporter disappointed him. Said Donte is a really good guy and the media will love him. Easy to deal with. Players and teamates really like him. Never a clubhouse problem. Said he thought the substance abuse program probably arose from a traffic stop incident in 2005. Said he really isn't injury prone. Had some hammy issues early on as fast guys will but they didn't resurface until this year in Philly. The occasional groin pull or the like. Said his issue was inconsistent focus. Can have a stretch of great games followed by a couple of inexplicable clunkers. Said he did miss some meetings and was occasionally late for practice. Said he thinks Payton just wanted to lay down the law and try to stamp the team with his sense of discipline as a new HC.

    Felger seemed disappointed while I felt better about Donte's longer term potential after the interview. I think it's hard to maintain focus at this level and few can do it with exceptional consistency. I think half these NFL players are ADD or ADHD to some degree which is why you see maddening flashes across the league when slightly less flash but consistency is what would make most HC's and QB's happier. And why you see what were apparently tremendous college players unable to transition to the next level. For many the goal of just getting here was what kept them focused, and once achieved and once the first really big bonus check is chased they can't or at times struggle to regain that focus and then maintain it week in and week out for years.

    I think Washington is a little different matter injury and personality wise, but their supposedly long past rivalry or issues should still residually light about as big a fire under each as BB could hope for. It's easier to reign guys in than get them motivated, as we have seen with several players of late. Stallworth and Washington should be motivated not only to make the team but to out perform each other. And since either of them could make a second round pick expendable hopefully their presence will light a fire under Jackson, not to mention motivating Caldwell and Gaffney entering contract seasons to fight for their lives. Could be a very interesting and exciting camp.

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