Some perspective on Tom Bradys past 5 seasons

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  1. tonyto3690

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    Bradys last five full season averages:
    4633 yards, 37 TDs, 9 INT

    Again that's a FIVE season stretch. Peyton's past season where it was considered the best of his career and he was largely regarded the best player in the NFL was not as good as Brady over the past five years.

    Peyton's 2012:
    4659 yards, 37 TDs, 11 INT

    That's not even accounting for the cupcake schedule Peyton got to obliterate last year. This is also including Bradys return season (clearly not himself) against the toughest pass defense gauntlet in NFL history. (Played a top 7 pass defense 10 times, including the #1 and #2 twice each in 2009).

    Ignore that season and it's even more ridiculous.

    Bradys past four healthy seasons:
    4692 yards, 39 TDs, 8 INT

    That's over a FOUR season stretch. That four year average blows Peyton's 2012 out of the water.


    Bradys past five seasons:
    4633 yards, 37 TDs, 9 INT

    Bradys past four healthy seasons:
    4692 yards, 39 TDs, 8 INT

    Bradys 2012:
    4827, 34 TDs, 8 INT

    Peyton's 2012:
    4659 yards, 37 TDs, 11 INT

    Flacco's career year (2012)
    3817 yards, 22 TDs, 10 INT

    Oh and in that five year stretch?
    2007: #1 offense of all time (top 3 receivers all brand new)
    2009: Played top 7 pass defense TEN times, recovering from ACL
    2010: #11 offense of all time (Welker ACL recovery year + two rookie TEs)
    2011: #13 offense of all time
    2012: #3 offense of all time (Gronk+Hernandez both missed significant time with injuries, Welker played season injured)

    2007: 16-0
    2009: 10-6
    2010: 14-2
    2011: 12-4
    2012: 12-4

    64-16, 3 AFCCG appearances, 2 SB appearances. #1 AFC seed three times.
  2. ausbacker

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    So what you're saying is Tom Brady > Peyton Manning. Tinkle me pink for voting yes.
  3. hoeilaart

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    I did a comparison of Brady's last 5 years vs. that of Rodgers. They have an identical passer rating of 105.74. Brady has averaged 400 more yards per year. They've both thrown for just about 36 tds per year and Rodgers has averaged 3 fewer interceptions per year. Rodgers is considered the best in the game and everyone is already putting him in the Hall and some are even calling him the eventual goat. It makes me cringe.
  4. DarrylS

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    Never cared all that much about who is better, or who has better stats.. all that is important is how many wins we get...
  5. voluntarysaftey

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    Brady regular season has been amazing since 07. Brady post season has not.
  6. PatsFanSince74

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    Great stats. Thanks. Brady is no doubt the best of his era and arguably the GOAT.

    But, I do remember the day when we used to claim that TB was superior to his contemporaries because of his SB wins. It makes me feel a little badly that we're now using the "same old, same old" stats to compare him to Peyton and Rodgers.
  7. ALP

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    I think you're looking at that the wrong way...Brady still has 2 SB wins over those guys, that can't be argued....however now the only thing opponents had on Brady is also being taken away
  8. Se7eN

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    As BB once said: Stats are for losers
  9. BSR

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    I still feel dirty when we pump up Brady's regular season stats. I mean they are great and all but it still just feels like the consolation prize and empty. Nobody remembers the details of QBs stats but everyone knows how many superbowls Montana, Elway, Marino, Manning and Brady have won and lost.
  10. voluntarysaftey

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    Not really, cause there's two distinct periods in Brady's career.
    01-06 where he wasn't considered a top stat qb, but was considered a winner
    and 07-12 where he was a top stat qb, and had a drop in his playoff performance.

    These periods also coincide with dominent defense to just okay defense -- and I think its more the change in defense than Brady that has caused the diff; but I do think something has happenned to Brady -- he seems more hesitent, overly cautious in the playoffs. And his running (or lack of) against Baltimore was atrocious -- there were a couple plays, atleast one on 3rd down, where he had wide open running lane for a first down that up until 07 he would've taken but instead he messed up
  11. signbabybrady

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    Manning and Marino 3 SBs between them
    Brady 5
    Elway 5
    Montana 4

    Why do include Manning and Marino in this list if stats don't matter? Simple answer of course they matter and Brady has both in spades.
  12. tonyto3690

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    Brady hasn't had a game in the past 5 years in the playoffs because of him.

    And sorry, but winning a SB is really freaking hard. This expectation that Brady has to win every year or it's a failure and appreciating everything else he's done is pointless is ridiculous.

    Brady has been in the AFCCG 3 of the past 5 years. He's been in the SB 2 of the past 5. For Bradys career he's been in the SB almost every other year. He's been in the Conference Title game every other year. That's just insane. In that same stretch there have been teams who have never been to the title game or even the second round of the playoffs.

    2007: Fluke helmet catch, Couple dropped ints and defense all collapsed. All would have resulted in 19-0, greatest team ever, undisputed best QB ever.
    2009: No Welker, team is completely outmatched. Bradys top two receivers are Moss and 40 year old Kevin Faulk. Ravens throw for 30 yards and our defense still can't stop them.
    2010: Shaun Ellis and co. destroy Patriots OL and take Mankins' manhood away. Welker is recovering from ACL injury and neither him nor Branch can get open.
    2011: Makes one bad underthrown pass to Gronk- if healthy Gronk likely catches it. SB record for consecutive completions.

    Brady hasn't played poorly in any of the elimination games. I suppose you could say the 2007 Chargers game but that's really about it and that was in a downpour.
  13. Raymond

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    Hey, it's a Brady manning thread. Wait here while i go get Midgar at Pat'sPlanet.
  14. VrabelJr

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    The even better part about Brady's passing numbers is that we have a ton of rushing TDs from our RBs to go with those as well. Can't say the same for Rodgers.
  15. Metaphors

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    Brady has had 11 healthy seasons as starter. 7 AFC championship games in those 11 years. Meaning the Pats made it to the final four 64% of the time. All 11 years with winning records and at least tying for the best record in the division. Nearly half of those seasons resulted in 13+ wins.

    Only the pre-FA Niners and Cowboys compare for such a long period of sustained excellence. Each of them had at least two distinct teams over their dominant period. The mid-late 70's Steelers should really also be included but they were over a shorter period of time with essentially the same players.

    The Pats are already into "phase 3" of their run. Brady being the only constant. I think his situation may stand alone in NFL history (not better/worse, just different) when he finally hangs it up.
  16. BSR

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    I at least didn't mean to imply that Brady has done nothing the last 5 years. I just don't want to tout it in the form of regular season statistics. I think he has been incredible carrying a sub par defense to a superbowl and keeping this team in contention every year. I think the list of accomplishments you list above are much more impressive than the regular season stats but that's just me.
  17. randomk1

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    Meh...system QB

    btw are we moving towards another change in offensive philosophy this year? We've had so many i've lost count. Dat system.
  18. Uncle Rico

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    At least you have to respect Rodgers for doing it in a real football environment, as opposed to a dome. I'm often stunned at how quickly some pundits dismiss that as a factor in the stats of Manning and Brees. Still, Rodgers needs a few more years and a few more titles to be in the GOAT discussion. As someone else said, winning Super Bowls is, you know, hard.
  19. tonyto3690

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    Patriots lead the NFL in rushes inside the 10 yard line for the past 5 years.
    Patriots lead the NFL in rushing TDs last season
    Broncos (12) had less than half the rushing tds the Patriots (25) did.

    Brady went undefeated in a dome for the first 7 years of his NFL career.

    I said all year that Peyton's always been a poor outdoor QB- not when it's 70 and windless in August, but come playoff time his poor spiral and diminishing arm would be an issue. And what do you know, it happened.

    It was clear he and the coaches knew that his arm strength was gone. The way they called the end of the game makes it obvious they were afraid to throw the ball.

    It was cold and windy and he ended up playing terribly.
  20. Efstratios

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    Wasn't Hernandez also not at full strength during that Jets playoff game?... Correct me If I'm wrong...

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