So what to make of the offense for the next couple of games?

Discussion in ' - Patriots Fan Forum' started by betterthanthealternative, Dec 3, 2012.

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    On the positive side:
    • has been on a great run lately
    • always seems to have trouble in Miami so perhaps yesterday isn't that significant
    • AH looks like himself again
    • Welker is playing great ball right now
    • the O Line seems to survive the injuries pretty well
    • the running game was excellent in crunch time yesterday, just when Miami was set up to stop it and needed to desperately

    On the down side:
    • Edelman's important role (who would have thunk it?) and potentially being out for a while
    • The O Line is at the bottom of the depth chart already, and in come two teams with very good front seven players
    • What's happened to Lloyd? Why can't he be integrated in as a major player? A mystery that needs solving.

    What are our chances against Houston and SF?
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    The O Line was really thin w/o Connelly and Mankins. Edelman went out, there was no Gronk. So if the same offense hits the field vs. the Texans watch for a lot of Ridley/Vereen and screens to Welker and AH.

    Keep in mind the Pats beat the Fins w/o their best Offensive Weapon (sans Brady); Best O Lineman; Best Pass Rusher.

    Pretty impressive
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