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Discussion in ' - Patriots Fan Forum' started by Grizzafted, May 17, 2007.

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    So, I'm somebody who believes that if Seau hadn't broken his arm last year, he'd be wearing a ring right now. I think it's without question that we'll be stronger with him in the lineup, but how do you think that injury is going to affect his production? For a linebacker who's benefited from strong arms for years, do you think there's going to be less power in his upper body for him to shed blocks? It looked like a d*mn nasty break, is he capable of being the player he was last year? There were times when he was the strongest part of our linebacking corps, it would be great if he was back to form.
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    From what I heard, it was a clean break and he healed quickly. I've also heard it said that broken bones mend to only be stronger, so don't imagine that his arm should be any problem!
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    There's no question our LB corps was tired... though not having the bye, travelling back from San Diego and playing again on the road didn't help that either.

    Of course the team lost that game - not just the defense. One key first down and we run out the clock to victory against Indy.

    Still, if you catch me with a few drinks in me, I'd be more likely to admit we were one well- timed Willie McGinest injury away from the Super Bowl rather than blame Seau's injury! ;)
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