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    I'm starting off with the Pats' 11-play, 72-yard scoring drive to put the Pats back within 4 going into halftime:

    Offensive Series #7 Touchdown

    Contributor: Pats1
    Time: 2:04 remaining in the second quarter
    Statistics: 11 plays (4 run, 7 pass), 72 yards (22 run, 55 pass, -5 penalty), time of possession was 1:56
    Breakdown: 8 green plays (3 run, 5 pass) for 74 yds. (19 run, 55 pass), 3 red plays (1 run, 2 pass) for 3 yds. (3 run, 0 pass), 5 penalty yards lost for the Patriots.

    Kickoff: Maroney from the NE 3, 25 yd. return, Maroney runs behind Wright but Woods and Thomas are both decked backside, breaking down the return.

    1st and 10 NE 28

    Result: Run, Faulk, up the middle, 7 yds.
    Analysis: Faulk lone RB with Brown slot and Graham motion inside to RG vs. 3-4 with OLB and CB press. Graham wham blocks the NT (shaded over LG), freeing up Koppen to chip the LDE and get a solid lead block on the SILB, actually FS Marlon McCree. Neal and Kaczur kept the LDE and LOLB wide enough to give Faulk some space behind Koppen. The WILB and Light met each other too quickly for Light to gain the inside angle, so the WILB was able to shed and stack up Faulk. The first hit actually came from the LDE, who got an arm on Faulk, causing him to spin right to the WILB and then LOLB.

    2nd and 3 NE 35

    Result: Run, Faulk, right tackle, 7 yds.
    Analysis: No huddle, same formation and TE motion vs. 4-2 nickel with CB press. As Brady said after the Jets game, when the Pats run a successful play, McDaniels will tell Brady to “just run it again.” That is precisely the case here. The exact same wham block by Graham occurred, but this time, Kaczur was able to ride the LOLB well outside, and Neal got good drive on the LDE, giving Faulk much more room to work with. Koppen, however, could not catch up to the DB-turned-SILB McCree, who blew past Koppen but made a premature dive at Faulk. A short hurdle by Faulk took him over both the defender and the to-gain line.

    1st and 10 NE 42

    Result: Pass, Faulk, Incomplete, underneath, pass dropped.
    Analysis: Shotgun with same formation and personnel vs. 4-1 dime with only 2 DBs press. Neal and Kaczur took care of the NT and LDE right, Mankins took the RDE wide, and Koppen and Light forced the ROLB Merriman to drop off. This gave Brady a wide open pocket, but the 4-man (3, really) gave the Chargers plenty of DBs to roam the waters. Apparently the 3 WRs and Graham were swallowed up deep by 5 DBs, and the LB and 6th DB shadowed Faulk underneath. The pass came in a bit high and wide, conveniently causing Faulk to turn towards the secondary and notice the imminent hit behind him. I’ll take 0 yards over 4 and a possible fumble.

    2nd and 10 NE 42

    Result: Run, Faulk, right guard, 3 yds (after penalty).
    PENALTY on NE-L.Mankins, Offensive Holding, 10 yards, enforced at NE 45.
    Analysis: Non-shotgun same formation and personnel vs. 4-2 nickel with all 3 CBs press. Graham ole’d the aggressive LOLB, opening up an enormous right side hole that Mankins pulled through. Undersized and overmatched, the SILB (SS McCree) was grabbed by the shoulder pads and thrown to the ground by Mankins. With help on the inside from Kaczur and Neal sealing the LDE and WILB, Faulk ran wild into the secondary. But, alas! The flag appears. Apparently, by grabbing McCree’s jersey to get a grip for his throw-down, Mankins committed a holding penalty. Simms had trouble finding it too.

    2nd and 17 NE 35

    Result: Timeout, New England – 2 remaining in the first half.
    Analysis: Shotgun same formation and personnel vs. 4-2 nickel LBs blitzing and only 2 DBs press. Maroney took the carry, but with only half of the players moving, it was obvious a timeout had been called, as there were no flags.

    2nd and 17 NE 35

    Result: Pass, Gaffney, sideline comeback pattern, 17 yds.
    Analysis: Shotgun same formation and personnel vs. 4-2 nickel with LCB press and NB blitz look. The CB backed off the blitz on the snap and covered Brown in the slot left. Mankins took care of the RDE, Neal and Koppen the NT, and Kaczur kept the LDE at bay for long enough. Merriman took one charge at Light then backed off. Faulk came through the line and was covered from behind by the LBs, so this was probably the same play as his drop before. Brown kept the NB low long enough, and with the RCB so late on Gaffney’s sideline route, it certainly looked to be a cover-3 RCB sky. Brady nailed Gaffney in the void.

    1st and 10 SD 48

    Result: Pass, Gaffney, seam pattern, 16 yds.
    Analysis: No huddle, same personnel and similar formation, with Brown slot right instead vs. 4-2 nickel with RCB press. A 4-man rush with some stunting was picked up flawlessly to give Brady a squeaky clean pocket. Graham took the WILB short left, Faulk the SILB/FS underneath, and Caldwell the LCB (zoned) short right. This left Gaffney and Caldwell deep against 4 DBs. With no replays because of the no huddle, it’s unclear how Gaffney caught this ball. He beat the RCB on a seam route, and on the next frame with him in it, you can see the RCB trailing, the NB breaking off Brown (2 yards to the right) and going for Gaffney, and both safeties coming up late. Gaffney was sandwiched between the RCB and NB, but did emerge with ball in hand.

    1st and 10 SD 32

    Result: Pass, Brown, Incomplete, quick out, pass thrown wide.
    Analysis: No huddle, same formation and personnel vs. 4-2 nickel with RCB press. Despite an excellent jump on the snap by the RDE, the 4-man rush was still picked up with the help of only Graham to give Brady the clean pocket he’s been enjoying over the past few plays. Faulk took the WILB into the left flat, the SILB/FS took a mid-zone, and Brown took a quick out to the right flat on the NB. Caldwell (barely) and Gaffney took their CBs deep. Brady’s throw came in too wide and too low, which wasn’t helped by a Brown stumble as he tried to extend for it. It’s possible that Brady was trying to give Brown the ball far enough wide for he could go out of bounds, but with 2 timeouts, I don’t understand the reasoning behind that.

    2nd and 10 SD 32

    Result: Draw, Faulk, up the middle, 5 yds.
    Analysis: Same formation and personnel vs. 4-2 nickel with DBs and LBs well off. This gave Faulk a 10-yard cushion to run with, which may or may not have been a good thing. Graham came out ahead and took care of the SILB/FS, but Faulk came up between Koppen and Neal. The LDE broke off but missed Faulk. Luckily for the Chargers, the WILB Edwards was right there to wrap up Faulk. Coming across from the slot, Brown let the NB slip behind him and instead had to pull up from blocking the SS in the back. The LCB was second to Faulk.
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    3rd and 5 SD 27

    Result: Timeout, New England – 1 remaining in the first half.

    3rd and 5 SD 27

    Result: Pass, Caldwell, 10 yard hook, 9 yds.
    Analysis: Similar formation, except with Maroney at RB and Brown back in the left slot vs. 4-2 nickel WILB blitz look and all 3 CBs press. The WILB backed off, and both Maroney and Graham went out in routes, but the OL picked up the 4-man rush with ease (save the ROLB Merriman cutting across Brady late). Maroney took the SILB/FS to the sideline on a wheel pattern, opening up the throwing lane to the right ‘hook zone.’ Caldwell had a step on the LCB on his comeback pattern, and dove forward to catch Brady’s bullet.

    1st and 10 SD 18

    Result: Timeout, New England – 0 remaining in the first half.

    1st and 10 SD 18

    Result: Pass, Gaffney, sideline comeback pattern, 7 yds.
    Analysis: Similar formation with Faulk back at RB vs. 4-2 nickel with all DBs well off. Brown actually lined up wide left but motioned to behind Gaffney on the snap. 5 vs. 4 on the pass rush, the Chargers finally got a semblance of pressure, with both OLBs/DEs beating the OTs, but with only a minimal effect on Brady. With the DBs playing soft, Gaffney had all the room he needed to catch the spot-on pass right along the sideline.

    2nd and 3 SD 11

    Result: PENALTY on SD-D.Edwards, Defensive Offside, 5 yards, enforced at SD 11 - No Play.
    Analysis: Same formation and personnel, except with Brown back in the right slot vs. 4-2 nickel WILB blitz look and RCB backing off press. The WILB Edwards misplayed the count and jumped offsides on his weakside blitz for an unabated path to the QB penalty.

    1st and 6 SD 6

    Result: Pass, Gaffney, back of endzone square-in, 6 yds., TOUCHDOWN.
    Analysis: Same formation and personnel vs. 4-2 nickel WILB and FS blitz look and all 3 CBs press. The LDE broke free from a C/LG/NT scrum and was there to meet a stepping up Brady just after the throw, but otherwise the protection was fine. Even with a bit of an awkward throw, Brady still nailed Gaffney along the back of the endzone. Despite being covered by both the FS and RCB, Gaffney was still able to make the moves to find the void in the defense. Both the FS and RCB pulled up as they pursuing Gaffney, like he had a disease or something.

    Extra Point

    Result: Converted

    Score: New England 10 – San Diego 14


    Basically the same formations and personnel all drive long, from both sides. Similar to what the Pats did in the preseason with Sanders playing LB, the Chargers had their starting FS McCree playing SILB on every play in their nickel package. As Jim Nantz put it, Matt Light owned Shawne Merriman on this drive. Merriman only really exerted effort on the penultimate play of the drive, where he beat Light around the edge. The rest of the time, Light either took him outside or Merriman simply backed off after one try. The route running of the WRs was very crisp, along with Brady’s throws. Overall, the Pats got what they needed to get done when they needed to. A classic Brady 2-minute drill.

    Drive Grades

    QB ‘A’ - Laser rocket arm without the fake mustache
    RBs ‘A’ - Shifty, productive running by Faulk
    WRs ‘A+ - Great job getting open, catching
    TEs ‘A’ blocking - Not much action for Graham
    OL ‘A-’ - Stellar pass blocking, a few hiccups run blocking
    OC ‘A’ - Play calling was repetitive yet effective
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    Good stuff, Pats1, as always.

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    Great stuff pats1. Thanks for that.

    One quick question if you have the time? For the TD pass do you think Gaffney was finished his route and had started scrambling to get open or did the Pats call the route against an anticipated defense? I know is probably hard to call from the TV but I'd be interested in your take on it.
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    Great stuff, pats1, as always.

    I wish every drive ended that well.
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    I'd say scrambled. Brady started scrambling himself, and it looked like Gaffney just found the void and Brady saw him.
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    I was watching a replay of the game. Anyone notice that on almost all the balls thrown to Watson, including the one he caught, it just seemed like they were short or thrown a bit softer.

    Do any of you think that Tom is maybe babying is throws to watson a bit because of the lasers that he threw to him during the season which bounced off Watson's hands or body? Maybe it isn't a conscious effort, but it almost seems that brady wants to guide the ball to him or make sure that he has to stop, catch the ball and secure the ball instead of making watson catch it in stride. Could the fumbles from this season be affecting the chemistry of these two a bit?

    This is obviously not a totally factual based analysis since i haven't gone through all the plays where watson was thrown the ball. Just a sneaky feeling i have that maybe they haven't quite worked out the chemistry between each other yet in the passing game. I hope i'm proven wrong in the next game and hopefully the one after that. Ben could be a huge factor if they work that out.
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    I've noticed Brady throw a few balls a bit low and away from receivers to cut down on interceptions. Sometimes you gotta zip the ball in there to avoid an int and sometimes you gotta put a little touch on it... again to avoid int. That's up to the discretion of the QB and what he feels the receiver can handle and where the defenders are in relation to the ball.

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