Saints fans still complaining about the refs

Discussion in 'NFL Football Forum' started by TommyBrady12, Oct 15, 2013.

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    Their message board is full of threads complaining about the officials. Apparently it's a league-wide conspiracy to prevent the saints from winning another super bowl. Do any of you honestly think the officiating, while it wasn't great, determined the outcome of the game? Granted, i think the false start penalty was a bad one as well as the catch in the 4th quarter that hit the ground (but didn't lead to any points). The brees non-timeout was a bit puzzling too, then again drew waited until the very last second to call timeout - there you argue that the officials were helping the saints by not calling a delay of game, it's not their fault drew threw the ball up for grabs. Oh, and on the game winning TD, Solder apparently held junior galette - i saw a replay of it and it looked like solder didn't grab galette from the outside, which is what usually leads to a holding penalty.

    Did the Patriots get away with holding on the game-winning touchdown? -

    Saints vs. Patriots 2013: Referees Missed Holding Call on Final Tom Brady Play - Canal Street Chronicles

    Just wanted to know everyone's thoughts.
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    Who gives a rat's ass, we won. There have been plenty of $hitty officiating moves made against us along the years as well.... I couldn't care less.

    Just recently, we got screwed on the non-hold call in the Atlanta game. Just a quick example.

    Saints might have a case to complain, but you know what, so does every other team. No such thing as perfect officiating.

    Move on, nothing to see here.
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    this is to be expected.

    The refs were HORRENDOUS the entire game, ticky tack calls, wrong calls, no calls. there was Zero consistency, and the saints ended up on the losing end.
  4. Nunchucks

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    If the refs have an effect on whether your team wins or loses the game, then your team did not deserve to win.
  5. everlong

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    The funny thing is they make fun of the Falcon fans for the same type of whining. That said I think the refs were subpar and NO certainly got screwed on the false start. As far as holding on Junior they should watch some of the no calls against whoever is blocking Chandler Jones. As for our own screw job if you're calling offensive pass interference against Dobson then Stills should have gotten one on the go-ahead TD as well.
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    My thoughts are they're acting like a bunch of butt hurt children who expected to walk in there and dominate and now they're looking for excuses and going with the age old "refs" and "Patriots cheated."

    As far as the calls:

    The false start call was wrong, bad call. That said, there was a hold the play before that which wasn't called, ironically, so screw them.

    The non TO call was also odd, but again they're only complaining because Brees was an idiot and threw a pick. If he completes a 20 yard pass to Graham they don't care, so once again screw them. No one made Brees throw that ball.

    They're also complaining about the Patriots getting 4 timeouts which didn't happen and completely ignoring that Stills pushed down on Dennard with both hands on the go ahead TD to prevent him from getting the height on breaking up the pass.

    Honestly, we complained less about the hold on the Tyree play and that not only cost us a perfect season but we have to watch that damn play almost every week in various commercials. That to me is the worst part, the narrative is always how the Pats get all the calls and this goes back to the tuck rule but they blatantly ignore the missed touchback in 2005, the BS faceguarding in 2006, and the lack of hold on the Tyree play in 2007, all of which were much bigger deals that some week 6 game that has almost no bearing on their divisional status.
  7. upstater1

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    I thought the refs called a great game. I especially liked the way they called (or, rather, didn't call) pass interference penalties.
  8. PatsSox363804

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    They've spent YEARS crapping on Vikings fans for whining about the NFC title game and they're acting infinitely worse about a friggin week 6 out of conference game.
  9. edboc

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    It's called home field advantage. The refs were terrible, they could have called back the TD for holding on Solder.
  10. Danger Zone

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    And I guarantee that if you go back to every single one of their scoring plays and look at the tape you will find examples of them making penalties.

    This stuff happens every play. It's football.
  11. BSR

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    I see that all the time but rarely see it get called. At this point I wonder if there is some technical rule that makes it legal.
  12. Rob0729

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    It's actually worse on the Jets board. Not only have they complained about the non-holding call on the final play, they have complained about Talib getting away with holding on every play (ironic since Revis got away with it more than anyone when he was with the Jets) and the refs giving the Pats an extra time out (it was a Fox broadcast mistake).
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    Unless the defender is pulled to the ground or the hold springs a runner it's rare to see holding called at all now.

    On the subject of holding/transgressions by the OL though - ESPN's Sunday Sounds or whatever it's called at HT last night they showed Suggs (doesn't he complain that Brady calls for flags?) whining at an official that the Packers LT was pushing his face "every play" and sure enough a couple of plays later guess what? He gets a flag! Maybe Chandler Jones should try that approach from now on.
  14. jimache

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    ... they should keep their mouths shut ... if anyone has an account on their board, remind them about the 2009 playoff game against the Vikings... There were 4 consecutive horrendous calls in their favor in the last 3 mins before Favre's dumb ***** pass that got intercepted. Vikings got raped up the arse that day. :mad:
  15. PatsSox363804

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    That's the hilarious part. They've been calling the Vikings fans crybabies for years now and here they are putting columns in the newspaper about a holding call in week 6.
  16. PatsSox363804

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    They're also whining that the hit on Thompkins was flagged and not the one on Sproles ignoring the fact that in real time Thompkins helmet moves and Sproles' does not. When refs see a hit like that and the helmet jarred it's flagged 100% of the time in todays NFL, they don't have the benefit of hindsight and replays.
  17. TommyBrady12

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    I did and they gave a "penalty" for trolling.
  18. JMC00

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    This is one complaint I've seen that really makes them sound like whiners.

    1st & 10 after the Pats turned over on downs. Saints run the ball, Pats call their first TO.
    After that TO both teams line up and the Saints call a TO
    Saints run the ball after that TO and NE calls their 2nd TO
    After the Brady INT Saints run the ball and that's when the Pats called their last TO.

    They're literally complaining about something that is just false, friggen babies.
  19. PatsSox363804

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    No kidding. and they're still talking about it. Don't you think that If that actually happened the media would be jumping on it and killing the Pats by now? Do they think their coaching staff is so dumb they don't realize how many time outs the Patriots have?
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    Excuses are for people that need them.

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