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    It seemed like lots of positions had noticeable rotations but I could not tell the circumstances for all of them. I wonder how much of it had to do with a continued evaluation process and extension of pre-season in a way.

    1 - Punt and Kick returns - Ellis Hobbs and Slater on kick return - was this a case of Kicking to one of two players back deep? O'Neal and Welker on Punts... ideas? just reps?

    2 - RB - They tend to rotate 2 to 3 backs but early on it seemed to be a rotation per drive between Maroney, Morris and Jordan until Morris seemed to get the bulk of carries.

    3 - DB - L Sanders started, O'Neal came in for him at one point, then afterwards it seemed they were all out there in Nickel/Dime situations anyway.

    Thoughts? With so many new and inexperienced players it seemed to be a way of getting everyone some exposure.
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