Revenge is a Dish best served COLD..

Discussion in 'Visiting Locker Room' started by RealityCheck52, Jan 14, 2013.

  1. RealityCheck52

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    Round 2.. no after Christmas Gifts this time around...

    We got 2 fumbles by Ray Rice (Colts Game) and A kickoff return and punt return for TD (Broncos Game) out of our system.. no more Gifts left for the Patriots..

    You got a preview early in the Season.. it only gets worse.

    Ravens 31
    Patriots 24

    I am feeling generous..
  2. reflexblue

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    The rent a reffs gave you guys that game. Some of the most Hideous officiating ive ever seen. That being said the ravens are on a high ridding the emotion of it being rays rays last game, and flaccos playing great. So it won't be any cake walk for the pats.
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  3. RealityCheck52

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    It won't be a cake walk because it NEVER is against the Ravens in the Playoffs.

    The motivation of a very good team is off the charts with the announcement of 'lThe Last Ride' by Ray Lewis.. their Icon.

    That will probably prove to be the difference as it did in the Broncos game where the Ravens had no right coming back from allowing 14 points on kicks off/punts.

    Unless they choose to be equally generous to the Patriots.. it's a tough ask for them to beat this Ravens Team which is probably the most balanced it has ever been in the Playoffs.

    Receivers, Tight Ends, Running Backs, Offensive Line, Pass Rush, Pass Defense containment (no big plays) and last but not least a QB that is averaging over 100 rating his last 4 playoff games..

    Home Field is irrelevant at this point... they already passed the Mile High test.
  4. PatsFan27

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    The Raven's are a bunch of over-rated wind bags. Patriots 34; Crows 17...oh, and I'm feeling generous.
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  5. RealityCheck52

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    Over-rated ?

    We are 9+ point underdogs.. methinks you are confused...

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  6. jmt57

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    Yep, you're right.

    The Ravens are the greatest team ever.

    It's a complete mystery as to how they have ever lost a single game in the entire history of their franchise.

    Oh wait, that's right; it's a conspiracy because the NFL hates them, and instructs referees to make calls so that the other team wins.

    The Patriots have zero motivation, and every Ravens player is better than every New England player.

    Pats may as well not show up, and the NFL offices may as well engrave the Lombardi trophy now.

    Did I miss anything?
  7. Double TE

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    Holy moly you're the troll from the Denver message boards.

  8. randomk1

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    As far as gifts go the ones that stick out in my mind were those given by replacement refs.

    And why are you so confident? Your team looked rather weak at times. NE spanked both of those weak sisters you got by and Brady ain't no Manning who's nuts shrivel the colder it gets.

    Welcome to Foxboro!
  9. RealityCheck52

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    I take umbrage to that sir.. I am NOT a Troll...

    I offer cogent argument and serve to disabuse idle notions..

    I serve only to temper fanatic fervor thereby reducing post trauma stress of deluded fans..

    That is not a Troll..

  10. RealityCheck52

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    Why confident ?

    Hmm... I dunno..

    Maybe spotting the 4th best offense lead by Peyton Manning playing at home 14 points and then racking up 440 yards of offense and 31 points against the #2 Defense in the League after 6 days rest has given me a smidgen of hope against the vaunted Patriots defense.

    I should declare that I do have a couple areas of concern.. Vince Wilfork up the middle and who will take up the slack of Ladarius Webb.. that Welker can be a real pain in the a s s...

    Given those concerns I however believe the Ravens as they are currently configured for the Playoffs have the upper hand.. I cannot see the Patriots having a greater will to win given the Ray Lewis last ride effect on the Ravens..

    I gotta go with the Raven run game over the Patriots run game and the big strike capability of Flacco over the short passing accuracy of Brady.
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  11. everlong

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    87 plays two weeks in a row for the Baltimore defense and now they'll have to face the gimmick hurry up offense. If the Pats don't turn the ball over they aren't losing.
  12. randomk1

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    If you think that was the #2 ranked D then you need a reality check.

    And i guarantee you the vaunted Patriots D will not have a 50 year old CB against Smith. Nor do we have any Rahim Moore's

    Your best offense is the Flacco air it and pray - either the receivers bail him out or it's a DPI. You keep your fingers crossed some of those hail mary's land,ok?
  13. RealityCheck52

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    Good thing we got that extra day rest and had our defensive players miss all those games..

    Fresh for the Playoffs they are..

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  14. RealityCheck52

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    Ok.. I am confused.. all I could hear about all week was how balanced the Broncos were and how good their defense was... :)

    Am I now to believe that the Patriots defense is in the same class as the Broncos ?

    Is Caldwell going to have nightmares trying to decipher the vaunted Patriots defensive juggernaught ?

  15. jmt57

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    Defensive Takeaways:
    41 - Patriots
    25 - Ravens

    Defensive Points per game:
    20.7 - Patriots
    21.5 - Ravens

    I think we already know which team has the better offense.

    Are McDaniels and Belichick going to have nightmares trying to decipher the vaunted Ravens defensive juggernaut?
  16. RealityCheck52

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    Last I checked Flacco outplayed Brady the last two matchups.. how is this possible given the Resume of Tom Brady ?

    So much for your stats...

    Not sure about McDaniels and Belichick.. but Brady is going to have Kruger type Nightmares on Sunday... guaranteed..

  17. jmt57

    jmt57 Moderator Staff Member Supporter

    Flacco and Brady were never on the field at the same time.

    Brady faced the Ravens defense
    Flacco faced the Patriots defense

    Since then the Ravens defense has regressed
    Since then the Patriots defense has improved

    Since then the Ravens rushing defense has regressed
    Since then the Patriots running game has improved

    What happened in the past has no effect on Sunday's game - although losing Wes Welker a week before the 2009 game surely did have an effect on that game (you know, the one where Flacco completed four passes).

    As far as stats go, do you really want to compare the current Baltimore D to the Ravens D from previous years? If not, then why bring up the previous matchups, where the Ravens are 2-7 versus the Pats?
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  18. randomk1

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    The last 3 meetings the Pats O has lit them up so why would i have any respect for them? I'm also thinking their ranking has something to do with playing against the AFC West offensive powerhouses.

    The Pats D finished 9th(Ravens 12th) in points allowed and most of the season it has been a work in progress. This is not the same D you faced in week 4 or whenever it was.

    And who the hell is Caldwell? That's a laugh. I like my chances when it comes to BB vs Caldwell.
  19. Double TE

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    He does have a point. Flacco's strength is the deep ball (tall - has a strong arm). So for the Ravens to win Boldin to a less extent but Smith and Jones (really those are their names?) will need to make long catches down the field. Meanwhile NE will likely try to grind their D down with long drives, audibles, runs, screens, short passes, etc.

    A really interesting strategic contest. The fact that Gronk and Jones are likely out does not help.
  20. RealityCheck52

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    Who is the #2 Ranked Offense in the Playoffs ???


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