Random Guys Mock Draft 2.0!!!

Discussion in 'Patriots Draft Talk' started by T-cat, Feb 24, 2011.

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  1. T-cat

    T-cat Practice Squad Player

    changes to my draft and here they are.

    1a.Cameron Jordan, Cal 3-4 DE
    An absolute beast who can do a good job rushing the passer and also can swallow up the run. Hes got great size and is a perfect fit for DE

    1b. (surprise alert) Martez Wilson, ILL OLB
    I know hes a middle linebacker right? not so fast! He has played ILB, OLB, AND DE! So hes very versatile which BB covets and he is great in rushing the passer AND can cover in space. Might not be to great at the run but with a little adjustment i think he'll be able to hold his own.

    2a. Gabe Carimi, Wisconson OT
    We need an eventual replacement for light and he may possibly be a day 1 starter if we cant hammer out a deal with Light. He is HUGE so that fits BB standard for tackles. hes a great pass blocker which our offense is built for and can hold his own in run blocking

    2b. Christian Ballard, IOWA DE
    An amazingly athletic guy for his size who can get sideline to sideline. He is a great run defender but leaves much desired in the pass rush department. If we get Cameron Jordan I believe Ballard would be a great eventual replacement for Warren.

    3.a Clint Boling, UGA G
    Great work ethic and can hold his own in the pass and run an overall solid pick

    3.b Jake Kirkpatrick, TCU C
    Koppen is still a good player but in the future may need to be upgraded. I think center is good value with this pick

    4. Niles Paul, Nebraska WR
    I know i know we have enough recievers but might as throw one in for some competition. He was booed for some drops one game but from what ive heard from practices at the senior bowl hes made strides and has more sure hands

    5. Greg McElroy, BAMA QB
    An absolutely accurate and poised kid who can make all the throws....except for the deep ones. He has a great pocket presence and a good feel for the game. I think he could develop into a good lead and push Hoyer

    6. Brian Lainhart, Kent FS
    TURNOVER MONSTER! Granted it was vs lesser competition but still he has unbelievable stats. I think drafting lainhart will put some competition in the FS area since BM is starting to get a lil shaky.

    ok thats it now tell me what you think!
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  2. meggett

    meggett Practice Squad Player

    4 lineman in the top 5! throw in a WR or a RB in the first 4 picks (unless we pick one up if there is a FA). i think McElroy is a wasted pick. Hoyer played well in spot duty last year, and we always only carry 2 QBs. Edelman would prob be the emergency QB (god help us) plus, we prob wont be making at least 2 of those picks after BB trades them away.
  3. mgteich

    mgteich PatsFans.com Veteran PatsFans.com Supporter

    I agree with the addition of only one linebacker. After all, we have plenty of youngsters already in Cunningham, Spikes and Fletcher. I think that there should be better fitting linebackers available than Wilson, especially at 28. We badly need an OLB to set the edge. HOWEVER, if Belichick simply wants to add a talented LB to the mix, then you have made an interesting choice. I do think that he is a bit of a reach for us at 28 or even 33. I think that he may be drafted that early by someone who really needs an ILB.

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