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PreSeason Stats

Discussion in 'PatsFans.com - Patriots Fan Forum' started by Remix 6, Aug 27, 2006.

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    As of Saturday games..2 left to be played for week 3

    Cassell: tied with Romo for passing yards
    Cobbs: 4th in yards rushing behind Perkins, Turner,Norwood
    Watson: 4th on receiving yards behid Greg Jennings, Terry Glenn, Lee Evans
    Samuel: tied for 1st with Hayden, Smith and Ratliff in INTs(2)
    Cobbs-Evans: lead preseason in total TDs with 3 a piece
    Matt Cassel: 5th in TD passes tied and has a rating of 110.4 which is 4th
    Gostkowski: 2nd in scoring with 27 total points behind Janikowski
    Gostkowski: perfect 6/6 FGs with long of 37

    we have a 4 way tie with 2 sacks from TBC, Vrabel, Wright and Klecko
    Watson leads preseason in receptions

    Patriots STATS(team only)
    Cassell leads us in passing obivously
    Patrick Cobbs is in 1st in rushing with 143 yards, 5.5 average
    Maroney is in 2nd in rushing with 106 yards 5.6 average
    Watson leads Patriots in receiving with 181 yards on 13 catches
    Cobbs in second with 100 yards receiving on 5 catches
    Childress in 3rd with 5 cathces for 98 yards
    Brown has 6 catches 95 yards while Mills has 8 catches 94 yards

    Willie Andrews is averaging 10.4 yards per return and 22.8 on KR(ew)
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    You have to be stoked about Cassel. After a slow start in game one, and a mini slow start in game two, he has been excellent. He has completed 75% of his passes the last 2 games, and I believe 63% in all 3 games. Not bad for a guy who hardly played in college. Very good passer rating, and ZERO Int's. Pretty amazing for a second year 7th round pick. I'd love to see Brady's preseason stats from his second year vs Cassel's from this year. The Pat's brass obviously saw something from that 2001 preseason to bump Brady to second string, and in one book, it was mentioned that BB thought Brady would make a better starter than Bledsoe, and might have made the change even if Bledsoe had not been injured. I would be willing to bet Cassel's preseason stats in his second year are even more impressive than Brady's were. Not that I'm in favor of Cassel in any way shape or form over Brady, just saying his advancements in his play may have been even more mind blowing, since Brady at least got some major college playing time.

    Cobbs has been a great surprise, and I hope he makes the team, he was a great college back, and hopefully makes a good pro, and hopefully it's for the Pats. Though he leads Maroney, he also hasn't played against first string defenses like Maroney has, which makes Maroney's stats even more impressive. Maroney just needs to keep doing what he is doing. 5.6 yards per carry is pretty sweet. I'd be thrilled with 4.5 on 150 carries in the regular season. Anything above that would be gravy.

    Watson, what can you say about him. He is just a freak of nature, and IF he stays HEALTHY, he will be our leading receiver. Even if we get a good WR for Branch, or if Branch comes back, I still wouldn't be surprised if Watson is our leading receiver at the end of the season. Kinda like Gates in SD, WR isn't our strength (just yet), so Watson, Graham & Thomas (and Mills) should catch a lot of passes this year.

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