Playing time for Cassell?

Discussion in ' - Patriots Fan Forum' started by fluoropolymer, Sep 9, 2006.

  1. fluoropolymer

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    As much as I want to believe in Matt Cassell, I just can't get comfortable with his overall lack of real game experience. Given the grind of the Patriots PLANNED 19 game season, what do the experts out there think about ways to protect / rest Brady and get Cassell some significant real game playing time? Given the meticulous attention to detail by BB, I believe the Patriots must have a plan regarding Cassell's development.
  2. MrBigglesWorth

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    if Matt Cassell is forced to start the Pats are up the creek like the Colts are up the creek if Jim Sorgi is forced to start, but I do think the Pats are in a bit better shape with the running game. And we need to be realistic....Matt Cassel probably just played 25 times as much football in game situations as he played the 5 years previously.

    The only way you see Cassel in there if Brady is healthy is if they are up by a considerable margin. But I think you hold on to him for 2-3 years and develop him and trade him only for a high pick, otherwise keep him.
  3. Box_O_Rocks

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    Unlike Biggie, I believe Cassel would do an adequate job if he was forced into the games as an injury replacement. McDaniels would be a little more conservative in play calling, and Matt would have limited audible authority, but the team would find a way to win. Assuming the defense becomes as dominant as it was in the last half of the season and the playoffs (remember, the Donkeys could barely move the ball, even when they had outstanding field position) and Special Teams improves their performance from last season, the offense with Cassel should be just fine to win most games, especially with the soft 2006 schedule.

    As far as getting Matt more game time, last season he took some reps after the Chargers put the game out of reach, and he was used for the post-season warm-up against Miami. I see him getting reps this season in similar circumstances, hopefully after Tommy & Co. have already run the score up.
  4. BelichickFan

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    I honestly think we would still make the playoffs if Brady broke his leg on Sunday. Win the Super Bowl ? Probably not but I really think Cassel can play especially with our strong running game.
  5. JoeSixPat

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    Just like they did in 2001 when an untested 2nd year QB won the #2 spot on the QB depth chart, surprising many who felt the team should have a game tested veteran in that position.

    The OC kept the play calling relatively simple, using a lot of short, accurate passes, not asking the QB to do too much. Over time, he showed everyone just how much he could do and the offese loosened up and he was even given audible play calling authority
  6. PromisedLand

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    I pray we never have to find out.
  7. Box_O_Rocks

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    My memory is a bit hazy, which kid was this? ;)
  8. Patjew

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    I still say they should have played Michael Bishop.
  9. MrBigglesWorth

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    Two Tom Brady's in one lifetime? I hardly think so. I'm not saying all would be lost if Brady would be done. But I do think they would be right back with the rest of the pack and I don't see them going to the championship game in the AFC. The defense is uproven as of right now and is not nearly as dominant as they were in 2003-04. the running game is also unproven although it looks like it should definitely be upgraded. But also it's not how the team looks like in game one, it's how they look in game 10.
  10. JoeSixPat

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    Matt Cassell would hardly be a rarity as a young QB who, when given the chance, demonstrated the ability to be a starter.

    I don't know who was suggesting he needed to be "another Tom Brady" - just an adequate starter who could avoid making mistakes, running simple offensive plays and letting the running game do its work.

    That, and continued good D is all we need to do to stay competititve and win the Super Bowl.

    If you don't think so, just look at what an awful performance the young QB for the Steelers had in the Super Bowl. They won in spite of him - not because of him.
  11. jct

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    Batch is a great example.
    His talent level is marginal, he is a castoff.
    But WP had 32+ touches and the defense held so he won.
    Frankly I'd like to see Cassel in the 4th quarter anytime we are up by 4 TDs, and in the last games IF we have secured home field in the playoffs.
  12. Richter

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    You know how the Patriots get Cassel some snaps? Clinch homefield, early.
  13. TruthSeeker

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    I think we can stay alive for a playoff spot, IF Cassel had to play anywhere from 3-5 games. Any more than that, I'm not sure. I feel he is a lot better than many of the backup QB's in the NFL, including some who have been in the NFL for 5+ years or more. I feel we'd be in better shape if Brady goes down than if Indy lost Manning. Cassel proved a lot to me during the preseason, and BB must feel the same way, since he didn't sign a proven veteran like Kerry Collins or some others that were floating around.
  14. TruthSeeker

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    Not a big concern to me. He'll develop when he'll develop in terms of game-time action. His job is to do all the preparation apart from game-time action.
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  15. AzPatsFan

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    Re: Cassel's abilities

    There is only one Tom Brady,but that does not mean that Matt Cassel is without talent.

    Scouting QBs is the hardest thing to do because athletic talent has the least to do with a QBs ability, once he has an arm "good enough". Cassel's arm obviously passes that "good enough" test with lots of room to spare.

    Then the things that you evaluate a QB on are:

    POISE (The ability to remain composed under pressure)
    - Rohan Davey didn't have it
    Intelligence (To understand the theory of the Offense)
    - Michael Bishop didn't have it
    Leadership (An Intangible that makes others wiling to follow)
    - John Huard didn't have it
    Personality (The ability to get along with 52 other guys on the Team)
    - Jeff George didn't have it
    Tenacity ( Toughness and never give up attitude)
    - Tony Eason didn't have it
    Hard Worker (To be a good QB you have to work hard at it)
    - Drew Bledsoe but its not entirely true He is not a good example perhaps the Raider QB of the 80s, who would rather have smoked dope, whose name I forget (Milasovich??)
    Team Oriented ( The ability to sacrifice for the good of the Team)
    - Jeff George definitely didn't have it

    Only now do we get to pure athletic talent. Many a successful QB didn't have enough but still won. Brian Sipe, Bernie Kosar, Joe Kapp, are but a few examples.

    Athletic talent analyzed.

    Cassel's arm might actually be slightly stronger than Brady's arm. He approaches Bledsoe the epitome in in arm strength.

    Cassel's accuracy is no where near Brady's, but it is at least as good as Grogans and maybe better.

    Cassel's running ability is better than many Pats starters. While not as good as a Young Steve Grogan, he is not too far behind. He's miles ahead of Bledsoe and Plunkett though.

    Cassel is not inhibited by size. He has ideal size, and can see over the line and rush, unlike say Doug Flutie whose passing was constrained to certain "throwing lanes".

    In short, I can see Matt Cassel evolving in to an NFL starting caliber, above average, QB. He made major strides and is almost there already as a Sophomore.
  16. Flying Fungi

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    The Patriots do not have a PLANNED 19 game season

    they have 16+ PLANNED 1 game seasons
  17. frankiesfly

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    Your thread is plain stupid. Thats what back up quarter backs do, they sit and watch. He dosent get a second of playing time unless brady goes down, or the patriots are leading a game 99-0. Giving cassels playing time for any other reason is suicidal.
  18. tombonneau

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    Re: Cassel's abilities

    Thank you for making my Saturday by mistaking the name of Todd Marinovich for that of an Eastern European dictator. :)

    BTW, even as a kid I knew Marinovich was going to be a bust right after they picked him. Why? Well, when he was picked by the Raiders, he wasn't at the draft, but ESPN had a camera on him as someone phoned that he was picked as he drove down a SoCal freeway in his convertible hearing the news on his car phone. Right then I knew the guy was a turd.
  19. Mike the Brit

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    Re: Cassel's abilities

    What a GREAT post, AzPF. The breakdown makes good sense as do your evaluations in each category.

    There's only one other thing: experience under pressure.

    Obviously, Cassel had none of that in college. The big question is: how valuable (necessary?) is that for a QB hoping to make it in the pros? Thoughts.
  20. belichickaholic

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    I bet he faces better competition on scout team than he would in a lot of real games. I love the way he takes off with the ball. I know he's not supposed to, but it's always exciting to watch. Kind of like Elway.

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