Philips, Jauron, and Edwards should all be fired

Discussion in 'NFL Football Forum' started by Bill B., Dec 21, 2008.

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  1. Bill B.

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    These three coaches are pathetic. I've been following the last couple of games because they affect the Patriots. Everytime we need another team to win, it always seems that they do something idiotic and shoot themselves (and the Pats) in the foot. Jauron blew the Jet's game last week with an idiotic call. Has any team ever self-destructed as fast as the Bills this year? Philips has a ton of talent in Dallas, but he has the most undisciplined team I've ever seen. Dallas fans should be embarassed for that performance against the Ravens. And Edward's is just a joke in KC. It was difficult expecting the Cheifs to do something to win in the fourth quarter. They should move move to the Phillipines's and call themselves the Manila Folders.

    Sorry about the rant. I'm happy the Patriots won big today but frustrated with other games not going our way. Patriots are the hottest team right now, and no one wants to face them in the playoffs.
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  2. Scooter_McGruder

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    Hopefully we see more poor coaching by Mangini today followed by displays of poor coaching by Tony Sparano and John Harbaugh next week.
  3. billdog3484

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    What about Norv Turner? Dont you think he should be canned. he sucks
  4. Edwards has been known as a joke since his days with the Jets. The only reason why he got the job in KC is because Vermeil pushed for it. In addition, Edwards is by far, the worst coach in the NFL. However, Edwards is a pretty badass guy that you don't want to get mad. On the other hand, Phillips has had the defense get better since he took over for Brian Stewart until that monumental collapse against Baltimore. Does anyone agree that Jason Garrett should be fired over Wade Phillips? If I had to only fire one coach, it would be Garrett. I have never seen so little offense with so much talent. There is no creativity within that offense. Can someone remind me why the Cowboys traded for Roy Williams? He hasn't done a damn thing since coming to Dallas. But I think that can be attributed to Garrett not getting it.
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