Paul Spicer will be our 12th Man

Discussion in ' - Patriots Fan Forum' started by the Patriot, Jan 7, 2008.

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  1. the Patriot

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    “This ain’t news,” he told the Associated Press at the time. “I’ve heard it in the past. They finally got caught. The Patriots got caught. They’re busted.”

    “Do like the NCAA and kick them out of the playoffs or something. Put them on probation; they can’t go to no playoff games."

    “They’re the ones that have to pay the consequences for it. If that’s the way they feel like they have to get the upper hand, then so be it. Everybody’s been running around calling them geniuses for years. What are they going to say now?”

    Can you believe these?!? I couldn't have wished for more. This is like a goldmine of arrogance! I hope all our players read this before Saturday. Seriously, this makes Anthony Smith's comments look like compliments. :D Forget the pregame speech, Paul Spicer has us covered.
  2. ShrewBeer

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    i dont think the players even need to try to beat the jags. should be easy regardless
  3. blackglass3

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    Still, as someone pointed out before, Blown Out Of Proportion Gate is the gift that keeps on giving!
  4. angelaf

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    Safety Rodney Harrison, who traditionally has fed off bulletin-board material from opponents, downplayed comments made by Jaguars defensive end Paul Spicer in September regarding the Patriots and Spygate. “Let me tell you something,” Harrison said with an edge. “If you need something like that to get you pumped up for a playoff game, you’re crazy. The playoffs and the intensity of this game, it brings enough excitement and butterflies and all that other stuff. It just comes down to who is more physical, who wants it more, who makes more plays. It has nothing to do with what happened four, five months ago.”

    That Rodney. I love how the reporters rush over to him to get a funny soundbite.
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