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Discussion in ' - Patriots Fan Forum' started by emoney_33, Dec 19, 2005.

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    So i'm just looking over the stats, and saw something I didn't know nor did I expect. The patriots are 4th in the NFL in opposing completion % at 55.8. And guess who is at the bottom of the entire NFL allowing 66.1%... that's right the Colts, who also are tied 22nd in rush ypc with 4.2ypc. Of course the pats are near the bottom in YPA, but as long as we can continue to not allow the long ball and big plays, this defense is in a lot better shape than most thought it could be a few weeks ago. They've jumped to 6th against the run (3.6ypc) and if the front 7 continues to play this well, the sky is the limit! :)
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    It is interesting only because it is practically the only passing defense stat that the Patriots are better than the Colts.

    Fewer Yards given up - Colts (2708 to 3342)
    Fewer TDs given up - Colts (14 to 22)
    Yards per attempt (Colts) (6.07 to 7.17)
    Yards per completion - Colts (10.2 to 13.6) Pats are last in this category.
    Interceptions - Colts (17 to 9)
    Sacks - Colts (41 to 27)
    Fewer passing 1st downs given up - Colts (139 to 158)
    Fewer passing plays of 20 yards or more given up - Colts (33 to 51)
    Fewer passing plays of 40 yards or more given up - Colts (5 to 14) Pats are last in this category
    Opposing QB rating (Colts) (83.96 to 87.78)
    Total points given up (Colts) (206 to 289)
    Wins (Colts) (13 to 9)

    IMO, this is a classic exampe of cherry-picking one stat.
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    I am happy about the win and the way the defense played but the Bucs are hardly real competition. We have crushed the 24th (Bucs), the 28th (Jets) and the 30th (Bills) ranked offenses in the league that all happen to be one dimensional. The good news is that earlier this year, teams like this gave us trouble. Another good sign is that we are holding teams to half their average offensive production.

    We will have no real test until we (if we make it) face a team like the Colts in the playoffs. The Jaguars are ranked 19th in total offense and are similar to the Bucs.
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    The Pats will be #9 in rushing ypg, the Colts at #8.
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    It doesn't matter what the stats are for the whole season. It only matters how the teams are playing right now - or actually when the playoffs start. I am pretty sure that if you ranked all the teams defensive stats over the last 3 weeks that the Pats D would rank at or near the top in every category.

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