Patriots at Chargers Group Tickets - Payment due this week

Discussion in ' - Patriots Fan Forum' started by SoCal Bong, May 17, 2010.

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  1. SoCal Bong

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    You probably already know that the Pats are coming to play the Chargers this season but I wanted to let you know that the Patriots Tailgate Yahoo Group will be buying "group" tickets very soon.

    The Chargers don't actually offer group ticket sales however they do have a promotion called Power Tickets which is run through the House of Blues.

    So what's the deal?
    We'll be buying Power Tickets which are in Plaza 17 (lower level on the corner toward the visitor sideline)

    How much are they?
    Last year they were $175 so probably about the same. Yes that is more than face value but if you try to buy lower level seats from a broker, ebay, craigslist, etc., you won't find anything for less than $200. Check out stubhub to see how much they are going for. Maybe you'll just wait until single game tickets go on sale in July? That's fine if you are okay with sitting way up high in the View section but let me warn you that the higher you go, the nastier the fans can be plus this is the Chargers highest demand game so tickets anywhere can be hard to come by.

    Can I let you know later if I'd like to buy a Power Ticket with your group?
    Not really. The tickets are going to go on sale within the next two weeks (though they haven't announced what exact day) and we're planning to buy them as soon as they become available since that's how we'll get the best seats, hopefully row 1. We've already started taking a headcount and I'll begin collecting money very soon. If you decide to buy your own Power Ticket later (before they sell out which could be quick) you'll also be in Plaza 17 but probably not next to us or in the same row.

    The primary reason that we are buying these tickets is that it allows us to sit together since I'll be purchasing them all at once. It's pretty difficult to find more than 4 seats together through other ticket sellers so it'll be more enjoyable for us to cheer together in a Patriots section. Chargers fans really really hate the Pats so it's nice to have each others backs while in enemy territory.

    Regardless of where you get your tickets, all Pats fans are welcome to join us for tailgating right between parking lot sections G4 and H4 where we have been meeting up the last 3 times the Pats came to SD.

    If you are interested in buying Power Tickets or just want to be kept in the loop with tailgate plans for San Diego or any other road game, just join Patriots Tailgate
    PatsTG : Patriots Tailgate

    I'll be contacting the HOB ticket office today and sending out a message about how to send payment but I'll need payment very quickly so start thinking about whether you are ready to commit to coming to this game.
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    From what I heard from Pats fans on this board after the 2008 meeting at Qualcomm, you should probably bring some sort of weapon with you as well.
  3. SoCal Bong

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    We have now begun collecting payment for Chargers tickets. They will be $180 each but you need to act quickly (no later than Saturday) because we'll be making the purchase any day now. See Patriots Tailgate for more information.
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