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OT: Pats fans sought for team owners in $ league

Discussion in 'PatsFans.com - Patriots Fan Forum' started by jim_vh, Jul 1, 2006.

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    In a league established for several years there are two teams not taken. Live draft is in 50 days on a Sunday morning. This league plays 2 QBs and also 4 DL/LBs and also 4 CB/Ss to make those who are into football and can do a lot of managing have an advantage. We may have spots for two new teams if they new people are willing to go thru an expansion draft process to be determined.

    The rosters from last year are at:


    From the existing roster you can keep up to 4 players if you choose however you lose one round in the draft for each player you name as a keeper - so if I keep no players I draft in the first round, and if you keep 4 players you wouldn't draft until the fifth round.

    The teams available from last year are Deep Fried Pickle and League Refugees. {you can change the name after signing up.}

    The $ has been $50 to join with a 350/100/50 payout to the first 3. There is a 2 round playoff.

    Other participants are mostly from the Patriots Usenet. There are a couple of Jets trolls we let hang around so we can push them around (however due to drafting daunte culpepper and Jamal lewis I have to admit they both finished in front of me.)

    One of the teams up for grabs is very Patriot-heavy. Peyton Manning and Julius Jones go into the draft as FAs for reasons too stupid to explain.

    If interested message me or email me at jvhsite@yahoo.com for more details.

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