OT: Most Improved Team, Fastest Falling Team?

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  1. maverick4

    maverick4 Banned

    What are your predictions for this season? Who do you think will make a big jump upwards as a team, and who do you think is going to fall the most, or be the biggest surprise?

    For a team on a major upward trajectory, I'll go with the Saints. They added a lot of solid pieces to the defense in the off-season, on top of their already potent offense.

    The team that will take the biggest step down, are the Colts. Last year they pulled 3 wins out of their arses that aren't going to happen again this year. They've taken huge losses not only at head coach but other key coaching positions, the O-line looks like a mess, they lost an icon WR in Harrison, and I think their defense is going to finally fall apart without Dungy patching it up.
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  2. makoute

    makoute In the Starting Line-Up

    Re: OT Most Improved Team, Fastest Falling Team?

    I thought Vilma was on the saints last year? The aints have been a trendy pick for a while now. I think the biggest step down might be the Panthers (I really hoped it's the giants though:mad:). I don't see the Panthers winning 12 games this year.

    Biggest step up, Patriots since I think they're going to the superbowl, beside the pats I would say 49ers, I think they will make some noise this year.
  3. KontradictioN

    KontradictioN Do you even lift? PatsFans.com Supporter

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    The Saints got Vilma last year.

    Most improved team: I think, considering today's events, it has to be the Minnesota Vikings. They have the best RB in the NFL, a playmaker in Percy Harvin, and a deep threat in Bernard Berrian to go along with that offensive line and that staunch defense. They were really only a good QB away from getting over the hump and it looks like they're about to seal that up. In this offense, all Favre will have to do is be a caretaker. Dare I say that this might be one of the most talented teams that Favre has played with in his career?

    Fastest falling team: Tie between the Jacksonville and Tampa Bay. Jacksonville invested way too much money in David Garrard who, based on what I saw last night and last season, is looking to be a one year wonder. Their offensive line is putrid, Torry Holt isn't what he used to be, that defense is aging and has a hard time against the run, and Maurice Jones-Drew cannot get it done on his own vs. a full season of #1 back type punishment. They still haven't found a replacement for Fred Taylor.

    The Bucs you can easily see. Even though they needed to be rebuilt, they were likely going to the playoffs again last season if it had not been for the fallout that Kiffin caused when he announced that he was going to Tennessee with his son. Since then, they removed virtually every piece from their 2002 Super Bowl, got rid of Jeff Garcia, and replaced him with Byron Leftwich and then drafted the least appetizing rookie quarterback in the first round when they could have gotten him in the second.
  4. maverick4

    maverick4 Banned

    Re: OT Most Improved Team, Fastest Falling Team?

    Thanks for the catch, my bad, but on D I also meant Sharper, Greer, McCray, Ellis.

    A lot of people have the Bears as big time upward movers, but I'm not sure if the Bears are going to be as good as everyone thinks. Hester isn't a great WR and Cutler won't have the patience to dink and dunk to succeed there.

    Another candidate for biggest drop, after Indy, are the Cowboys. That team is ready to collapse. Romo is going to have his worst season.
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  5. Sicilian

    Sicilian Experienced Starter w/First Big Contract

    He has very rarely trended in that direction in his career.
  6. dhamz

    dhamz In the Starting Line-Up

    An interception prone caretaker? That will be a first.
  7. mayoclinic

    mayoclinic PatsFans.com Supporter PatsFans.com Supporter

    I admit the Vikings should be a force to contend with, but do you really think that Favre is going to solve the Vikings QB problem? I understand that with Adran Peterson they are a run-first team and don't need to rely on him to the extent that the Jets did, but I can't see Favre standing up to the pounding of a 16 game season or putting a his basic personality on the back burner. He will revert to gunslinger mode sooner or later, and will throw a bunch of picks at critical moments.

    Not so sure I agree with you about Jacksonville. First, they picked #8 in the draft last year, so I can't see how they have very far to fall. Second, they seemed to do the smart thing in drafting Eugene Monroe and Eben Britton at OT in the first 2 rounds to rebuild their line. I don't see them being a contender in 2009 but I don't see them being worse than in 2008, and once the OL matures they could be nasty in a few years.

    I agree with the earlier post that the Colts may slip a bit, though Pey-a-ton will keep them from falling too far. I think Houston is on the rise - they've lost a ton of close games over the past few years, and have continued to upgrade their personnel.
  8. Lloyd_Christmas

    Lloyd_Christmas I can delete my own crap! PatsFans.com Supporter

    I agree with you about him being a poor caretaker, although I thought he did it one year in GB towards the end ... but I vaguely remember him being unsatisfied that he couldn't just go out there and sling it around and "have fun". Ironically, it was one of his better years IMO.

    If he can work within the system and not try to do too much (aka force things and cause interceptions), then I think Min could be really good this year with him.

    I agree with Kontradiction that the Jags are going to suck this year... is that a step down though?
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  9. PatsChamp88

    PatsChamp88 In the Starting Line-Up

    #75 Jersey

    Re: OT Most Improved Team, Fastest Falling Team?

    Yeah he played for them all last year, as for teams that will drop off I'll go with

    Pittsburgh (I don't see 12-4 again)
    Miami (11-5 last year not this year)
    Carolina (After being a surprise 12-4 last year, this year they will disappoint)
    Tampa Bay (9-7 no way this year they will finish under .500 without a doubt)

    For teams improving

    New England (obvious)
    San Diego (8-8 somewhat disappointing this is their division to loose)
    Philadelphia (9-6-1 loosing Dawkins hurt but they have one of their best rosters in years)
    Green Bay (6-10 lost too many close games, this is a up and coming team)
    New Orleans (8-8 underachievers last year)
    San Francisco/Seattle (one of these teams will give Arizona a run)

    Other thoughts

    Houston (another up and coming team 8-8 seemed amazing but they really have to fight for any chance of a wild card spot, again no playoffs)
    Cleveland (my pick to have the worst record in the NFL)
    Detroit (they'll win a few but I suppose its an improvement over 0-16)
    Chicago (Cutler games are either crap or good they will have a shot to win the division not sure about big improvement)
    Dallas (this is a team is worst than last years and they still get hype look for coach cupcake to be fired)
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  10. PatsChamp88

    PatsChamp88 In the Starting Line-Up

    #75 Jersey

    I think we already have seen Jacksonville fall off the map with an 5-11 record last year, this team will come close to that record again. The team is getting old and injury prone, MJD is a small bright spot but he will be abused this season being the only offensive threat...I don't think Garrard has a great arm or else Holt would be a bigger threat.
  11. Synovia

    Synovia In the Starting Line-Up

    I'm gonna disagree here.

    While they won a whole bunch of games they shouldn't have, they also have Manning at full health this year. He was limping around the first 5 or 6 games, and that certainly caused issues.

    The oline looks like a mess, but it was a mess last year too, and Harrison? Really? He was terrible last year. Gonzales was already much better than him last year, and frankly, the 10M of cap space allowed them to improve a lot of the team.

    As to the defense, it was pretty bad last year, and has been pretty bad almost every year. I'm not convinced Dungy was doing anything.
  12. PatsChamp88

    PatsChamp88 In the Starting Line-Up

    #75 Jersey

    The Colts aren't stupid but their defense will be a mess again this year, however I don't think they will miss the playoffs unless Manning gets injured.
  13. Synovia

    Synovia In the Starting Line-Up

    This really aggravates me, and I think casts light on the Fantasy Football Generation of fans.

    Adrian Peterson may be the best pure runner in the NFL, but hes not even close to being the best RB, and won't be until he can learn to pass block and can catch more consistently.

    If I were a GM, and was allowed to pick one running back, for one year (so age is not a concern), there are a handful of guys I would pick before AP:

    Clinton Portis
    Ladanian Thomlinson
    Matt Forte
    Thomas Jones
    Deangelo Williams
    Marion Barber
    Steven Jackson

    Theres probably a couple more. All can block. All can catch. All run well. None of them run as well as Peterson, but the overall package is better.

    That, and none of them fumble 10 times a year.
  14. maverick4

    maverick4 Banned

    It was never an elite D, but Polian got by with picking up random defensive players through draft or free agency, because of Dungy's expertise with the Tampa-2. I'm not sure the Colts will get away with their defense this year without Dungy.

    You could be right though, Peyton would prevent an epic season collapse. I'm pretty sure we'll be reading articles about his complaining about the team, or throwing more people under the bus.
  15. Synovia

    Synovia In the Starting Line-Up

    Right, but the Tampa 2 isn't exactly a mystery anymore, and its not all that complicated. The entire purpose of the tampa 2 is that pretty much everyone in the defense is expendable except the pass rushers.

    I also think Polian had a whole lot more to do with keeping that defense atleast mediocre than Dungy.
  16. borg

    borg In the Starting Line-Up

    Biggest drop...DALLAS COWBOYS.....

    1) As long as Jerry Jones's ego is making football decisions, this team will secure 4th place in NFC East
    2) Wade Phillips...best cheerleader, worst coach
    3) Tony Romo....most overrated QB in football. Lacks focus, pocket presence, and decision making skills.

    Runners up....Miami and Tampa
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  17. AzPatsFan

    AzPatsFan Experienced Starter w/First Big Contract

    Fastest Falling? That's easy Wrecks Ryan's New Joisey JESTs

    I like the Texans as risers.
  18. makoute

    makoute In the Starting Line-Up

    You would take LT over AP at this point to start one game?
  19. Pats Fan in Indy

    Pats Fan in Indy Practice Squad Player

    I also have to disagree on the Colts. Their offense may be slightly worse than previous years, but their defense could be very dangerous this year. Honestly, I think its between us and them again... factor in the fact that they get an easy schedule this year, and the fact that this is our last year in the rotation to play in Indy, and it is going to be a real challenge for us to get home-field in the playoffs.

    On the other side of the argument, they're going to see that losing Dungy was a huge blow. They're fooling themselves with Caldwell. He reminds me of Cam Cameron with Miami in '07... both had no success in college, why would they succeed as head coaches in the NFL? It just doesn't make sense.

    Honestly though, I actually think the Colts will be better this year.

    As far as most improved? The Pats without a doubt. Did you see Brady's reaction to throwing that interception against the Eagles? There's an unprecedented level of hunger in his heart, and I feel like that will be the case for the whole team. They want this, and of course, they're talented... and honestly, I think their defense is going to be solid this year. The Pats D is my fantasy sleeper.


    #12 Jersey

    Most improved teams this year will be New Orleans and Oakland

    Brees will be lights out and Bush will be offensive PLOY - With a little help from the defense this team will be much better than they were in 2006 and could make it to the Super Bowl

    Jamarcus Russell knows his job is in jeopardy with Garcia breathing down his neck and he also has what appears to be a very solid rushing attack behind him - The defense is already pretty good and no one beats Nnamdi often - 9-7 for this team and makes Al happy before he drops over in a heap.

    Falling Teams ...

    Indy - Manning finally can see his high powered offense starting to fall apart,Harrison is gone and Wayne is no longer a spring chicken and Addai needs to revert back to 2006 to save Mannings ass from having to carry the team on his shoulders again,Sanders injury will hamper him all season killing the secondary - The Colts without their spirited leader Dungy miss the playoffs on the fringe end of a loss of tiebreaker like NE did last year - they go 9-7

    Tampa Bay - Never good to change head coaches immediately after losing their last few games of the season and getting rid of Chucky was a bad move,this team will continue to lose this season..a lot ,expect 4-12 from the Bucs

    Denver as well is going to be BAD - McDaniels is going to slowly destroy this team,Shanahan took this teams competitiveness with him,I compare his firing to that of if Belichick left of how the Pats would fare and I wouldn't want to find that out.
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