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Who should I start this week? (fantasy football)

Poll closed Dec 8, 2006.
  1. Corey Dillon (at Miami)

  2. Ahman Green (at San Fran)

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    Its been a rough season for me losing Shaun Alexander for the bulk of the season and then Domanick Davis (we drafted very early) but if I win this week I am in the playoffs where anything can happen. Most of my line-up is set but I'm not completely sold on my 2nd RB position

    Ahman Green at San Fran
    Last three fantasy scores:
    2 (vs. NE)
    15 (at Seattle)
    13 (vs. NYJ)
    ESPN Hector and Victor Projected Points: 16
    ESPN ranking among RBs: 13
    San Fran run defense ranking: 21st (122.4 yards/game)

    Corey Dillon at Miami
    Last three fantasy scores"
    9 (at GB)
    2 (vs. Chi)
    20 (vs. Det)
    ESPN Hector and Victor Projected Points: 11
    Miami run defense ranking: 7th (98.6 yards/game)
    ESPN Ranking among RBs: 25
    Intangibles: if Maroney is held to light action, Dillon gets lots of carries and scoring opportunities

    All signs point to Green but it makes me a little nervous and instinctively I believe Dillon will come up big again.

    Let the votes determine my destiny.

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