OT: Challenges...which teams don't challenge as much???

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  1. Patsfanin Philly

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    Watching the Bears-Eagles game, there was some question on the first (?) Bears TD as to whether the receiver had both feet in bounds but Andy Reid didn't challenge and the play stood. It seems that Reid is one of those coaches who challenges less than the norm. I don't have the stats and I'm sure there is some site with the number of challenges by team and the number overturned. It got me wondering why this it?? Is it a conscious decision not to risk a t.o. lost on a challenge if it fails ( as opposed to some teams that take a timeout to decide if they want to challenge-duh??) or are the coaches upstairs too slow or too afraid to make a decision????

    Food for thought on a Monday morning..
  2. jmt57

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    Re: OT- Challenges..which teams don't challenge as much???

    As I recall, from the time of Instant Replay's inception Tony Dungy - who was against the rules change - was infamous for not challenging plays that should have been challenged when he was in Tampa, prefering to not risk losing a timeout. Later he finally relented and started challenging calls he shouldn't have, and not challenging calls he should have, resulting in an almost self-fulfilling prophecy of far more challenges lost than won. It took a few years but he finally let the coaches in the booth watching the replay make the decision on challenges.
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    Re: OT- Challenges..which teams don't challenge as much???

    That's one great thing about BB--how often do you see him throw a flag and think "WTF?"
  4. JoePats

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    Re: OT- Challenges..which teams don't challenge as much???

    Good point on that Reid non-challenge. That was bad. There's no way that would have been upheld as a TD.

    We need to get Mike Martz back to being a head coach. He used to challenge the spot so he could have 2nd and 6 instead of 2nd and 7.
  5. captain stone

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    Speaking of spots, the zebras gave da Bears a too-generous spot for a 1st down near the end of the game, and thusly gave them the ability to kill the rest of the clock. Philly was probably out of time-outs, but who knows if Reid would've challenged anyway. One thing I do know: the Eagles will never win a SB with Reid & McNabb in charge. Legendary piss-poor clock management is combined with choke-artist play-calling & execution. Those two get worse as the game progresses.
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