OT: Anyone but Steve Smith and he gets suspended by the Panthers

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    This talented NFL WR but little piece of crap as a human has done this before and its obvious that he needs to go to anger management.

    Anyone else but the Panther's franchise player (which Steve Smith is) and he gets suspended for several regular season games - or maybe even cut - not with him,at least not likely any punishment.
  2. KontradictioN

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    Why is he a piece of crap? Because he won the fight? Who knows what Ken Lucas said to him or if it went both ways? That information isn't exactly available yet.
  3. BelichickFan

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    You want their best WR cut or suspended for getting in a fistfight with a teamate ?
  4. Pujo

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    Every team has those double standards. What would have happened if some nameless player, instead of Rodney Harisson, was caught taking HGH? Or if some undrafted free agent was caught with painkillers instead of an important player on a sparse offensive line?

    When it comes to the Pats, posters complain about the freekin' media, when it comes to other teams, those same posters become the freekin' media.
  5. ScottieC

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    I'd like to stop seeing him on that NFL Network commercial yelling at the camera telling us to "See that replay on the NFL Network"!

    Other than that, I'm all for all these other teams beating each other up - I think its great.
  6. jmt57

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    Let's be honest, the top producer always gets treated differently in almost any organization. Red Sox looked the other way with Manny for years. A company will give more slack to it's top salesperson or best veteran manger, in comparison to a new employee or middle of the pack salesperson, for example - even if their HR guidelines say otherwise.

    As an aside, I'm not complaining about the media's bright light of negativity shining on another team for a change. For anybody that may be interested, here's a Carolina newspaper and their column, complete with a short slideshow and reader comments.


    And a Panther fan forum, for any voyeurs who care to see their reaction,

  7. Remix 6

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    whats the big deal. i think 2 of our players got into it a bit but it didnt end up with a bloody anything. fights happen. training camp is the hardest part of the season for the players..its long, tough, physical and demanding of focus and energy and it doesnt take much to spark anything in camp
  8. KontradictioN

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    This is, by far, the best quote I've seen from that thread:

  9. Rob0729

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    If Steve Smith does get suspended, Tyrone Poole will be laughing from some theraputical hot tub nursing his lingering injures somewhere out there.

    Funny, how Smith complained how dirty and a cheap talker Tyrone Poole was yet Poole only ever had that incident and Smith has several incidences of getting into people's faces.
  10. tombonneau

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    Thanks for the link to the thread ... though I still haven't made it past this guy's avatar:




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    They were talking to fans who witnessed the altercation - Lucas was on his knees when he was getting pummeled by Smith -

    I guess if you are a midget you need all the advantages you can muster :rolleyes:
  12. KontradictioN

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    You've probably never been in a fight before so let me teach you a quick less: size does not matter in a fight. I'm a pretty big dude, over 6'0" and I have gotten absolutely hammered before by someone who was 5'6". Size does not matter at all.
  13. Wildo7

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    Whatever, this is no big deal, I'm sure it happens all the time and it doesn't make Smith a "piece of crap." Nobody knows what really happened but Muhammed said Smith immediately went over and apologized to Lucas after the fight.


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    Try lifting a few weights,That may help avoid getting beat up by those peewees ;)

    BTW: I am 6 '2 245 pounds and am in pretty good physical condition,so fights are not the norm for me - Most know better than to piss me off.
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  15. KontradictioN

    KontradictioN Do you even lift? PatsFans.com Supporter

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    I didn't start lifting weights. Instead, I rolled around in some radioactive toxic waste. The intent was to get super powers. Instead, all I ended up with was a melanoma.


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    If I came to my senses shortly after the melee realizing that I was probably going to get a humongous fine and/or suspended,I would have kissed butt and went over to the bloody teammate myself - Even the most simple minded person can understand that.


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    That will keep those enemies away ;)
  18. Patjew

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    What was her name?

  19. dhamz

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    Really? There are fights all the time during training camp sure but you think it is a common thing where one player beats another so bad he is kicked out of practice and the head coach calls a team meeting because he is worried the other players will retaliate against the player?
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  20. spacecrime

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    I'm 6'5", 260#, been in my share of fights and I can tell you a tough little guy will beat the crap out of a strong big guy every time. Strength has absolutely nothing to do with it.

    Keep believing that. No tough little guy is afraid of you. Don't believe me? Go into a nasty bar and give some crap to a tough little guy. Bring your organ donor card.

    Biggest problem I've found is that after a few drinks, nasty tough little guys get really nasty and want to beat up a big guy to prove they're tough. Better stick to Appleby's where it's safe, and you can keep believing that no body wants to piss you off.
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