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Discussion in 'Patriots Draft Talk' started by Ochmed Jones, Apr 28, 2006.

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  1. Ochmed Jones

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    21 - Wimbley (FSU) OLB or Lawson (NC State) OLB, whichever one falls to us. Both of these athletes possess many of the traits BB looks for when targeting a college DE to OLB. Lawson is taller and faster. But Wimbley is meatier and plays with more passion.

    36 - (Trade with Green Bay #52 and #86 to them) Carpenter (OSU) ILB. For weeks people have debated between OLB and ILB. Why can't we have both. Unless there is a major development this summer and fall, Biesel is not a long term solution for us at ILB. However we all agree that Carpenter should be. (Alternate - Greenway)

    75 - Griffin (Texas) CB He's a little bigger than most of our DBs, he's as fast if not faster than Samuel and he's a big hitter who is very quick and gets good breaks on the ball (Hobbs like). Maybe his ball skills are not superior, but they are decent. (Alternate - Tim Jennings UGA)

    106 - Whitworth (LSU) OT - 50 plus consecutive starts for an SEC school. A natural for the right OT spot. Decent feet as a pass blocker and above average as a road grader. Oh and did I mention - Nastiness!!!!! You've got to love the nastiness. We need it bad on the right side of the line. (Alternate Colledge Boise State)

    118 - Avant (Michigan) WR - The go to guy at WR last year at Michigan. Above average hands. Super quick in and out of the break. Runs very good patterns and even blocks a little. Not the fastest, but neither was Givens if you think about it. (Alternate Hass)

    136- A Smith (Syracuse) SS - Monster hitter to play in the box. Excellent on the field leadership skills. Provides serous competition for Sanders. Could also be a edge blitzer. (Alternate Harper Alabama)

    191 - Maxey (the U) CB - A seed to plant for future blossoming. Fast, supports the run and can play ST. A couple of years of seasoning in our zone defenses and he could blossom into a very good nickel back. (Alternate Gordon of KU for his return skills)

    205 - Bouknight (Wyomig) WR - A sleeper. If he produced like these type numbers at an SEC school, he'd be off the chains. Quick in and out of his breaks. Knows how to get open. Not the fastest, but again neither was Givens if you remember. (Alternate Reid of FSU)

    206 - PJ Daniels RB - Boom or Bust. Can also catch and block. Last year was he still recovering from previous knee surgery? He seemed to get better as the year went along. (Alternate FB Vickers Colorado)

    229 - Hoyte (NC State) ILB - Plays a mean Special Teams. (Alternate Dobbins ISU)
  2. GoWesleyan

    GoWesleyan Practice Squad Player

    I like alot of those guys and definitely agree that OLB/MLB isn't necessarily either/or.

    Carpenter is interesting. At first, I was turned off by Vrabel's luke warm comments on him, but I've started to wonder if it's not a little disinformation on Mike's part. I would think that Belioli are listening to Vrabel's evaluations and it would be easy to trust the pick if they were to make it.

    The thing that worries me about Lawson is whether he will be stout against the run like McGinest was. Wimbley looks pretty impressive, but I like Kiwi's production and his reputation for a great work ethic.
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  3. dryheat44

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    It's a good draft. I personally see Carpenter as an OLB, so I wouldn't draft both he and Lawson/Wimberly (very possible both gone by 21), but that's not for me to decide.
  4. DaBruinz

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    Sorry, i don't see the Pats drafting 3 DBs. Just no room for them unless they are giving up on Sanders and Scott already. Usually they don't do that unless the player has had 2 full years. Also, I don't see the Pats over-paying a 2nd and 3rd rounder to move up to the top of the 2nd round.

    Bouknight has been going down faster than a hooker for a $100 BJ. If the Pats take Avant, they are going to look for a KR/PR at WR later in the draft.
  5. mgteich

    mgteich Veteran Supporter

    I like your draft through 118, although I also think that there is little chance that Wimbly will be there at 21, or that Carpenter and Greenway will be there at 36.

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