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  1. NovaScotiaPatsFan

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    On Sunday January 20th 2008 the Patriots Pass Blocking was last seen playing in the area of Gillette Stadium in Foxboro MA. The group was scheduled to catch a flight to Glendale AZ with their guardian a Mr. William Belichick, but never arrived at their destination.

    Mr. Belichick is very concerned as is their current Quarterback a Mr. Matthew Cassel, who has been receiving frequent beatings as a result of the group's absence.

    If you have seen or heard from this group please call 1 (555) KIDS-NOW immediately. Together we can bring these kids home.
  2. captadamnj

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    Can we get a "what they would look like today" photo? :)
  3. TheGodInAGreyHoodie

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  4. apple strudel

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    LOL. An Amber alert was issued after they were last seen getting in a dark van.
  5. NovaScotiaPatsFan

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    Poor bastids... The Guy driving told them there was a Britney Spears concert in the back of the van. how could they resist!??!
  6. letekro

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    BB and McDaniels finally gave up and only called rollouts in the second half. If Matty C can become a slightly smarter version of Jake Plummer, we should be ok.
  7. NovaScotiaPatsFan

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    *shudder* what a terrible thought.
  8. DaBruinz

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    At lease 4 of the 6 sacks were on the TEs and RBs as they missed their assignments. Morris and Faulk both missed blocks that led to sacks. Watson let at least one LB in clean without so much as a chip at the line. I am not sure if the other one was Watson or Thomas.
  9. PatsWickedPissah

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    Absolutely so. I saw it and replayed several sacks on my HD DVR. Both Morris and later Faulk missed up the middle blitz blocks. Yes, they shouldn't have had to react quite that fast but they failed to slow down the rushers at all. Another quick sack came on a complete TE wiff from outside Pats RT.

    Yes, Cassel is not a natural back in the pocket but you can't even 'throw the ball away' if the guy is in your face in under 3 seconds. You need to be outside the tackles to toss it into hyperspace.

    The more I see the more I'm convinced of two things...

    1. For years, Dante schemed the league with smoke & mirrors technique and finally last year DCs figured it out, attacking right up the gut with brute strength and/or delayed blitzes

    2. We miss the strong blocking contribution of Dan Graham at TE, effective stoping the outside speed rushers

    An aside, #44 Evans had a MONSTER night run blocking. MONSTER.
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  10. NovaScotiaPatsFan

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    Yeah, and as I've said elsewhere I don't mind if he gets sacked when the protection falls apart right away, that's the O-Line's fault. I mind when he does get protection and still doesn't throw the ball away when he can't find anyone downfield. He needs to lean an incomplete pass doesn't lose you yards while a sack does.
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