Missing Patriots Players From Practice

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  1. PatsFans.com Article

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    Ian's Daily Blog - The first practice session is almost over for the Patriots, and according to published reports wide receiver Randy Moss is absent from practice. Other names include Ty Warren, Joey Galloway, Shawn Crable, Jarvis Green, and Shawn Springs as players not on the field.

  2. Ian

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    Update: The Providence Journal posted an Updated List of missing players from today’s first session. The full list included Joey Galloway, Brandon Tate, Shawn Springs, Tyrone McKenzie, Rich Ohrnberger, Mark LeVoir, Shawn Crable, Darryl Richard, Randy Moss, Ty Warren and Jarvis Green.
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  3. mgteich

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    Since everyone else has presumably practiced, is it true that these are the only players eligible for the beginning-of in-season PUP reserve list?

  4. Dfresh429

    Dfresh429 Practice Squad Player

    CBS's Arman Katayan was at practice - tweeted this...

    "Just realized No. 81 not on field this morning. Will be at afternoon practice. Reason: "It's been a brutal camp so far." First Day 1 joke."
  5. jmt57

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    As I recall yes; a player can only be placed on PUP before he starts training camp. That would therefore limit those players above to be eligible for Active PUP. At the end of training camp only players that are on Active PUP are eligible for Reserve PUP (i.e., not eligible to play until after the sixth game.) At that point the team has three weeks to either activate him or place him on IR.
  6. Jimke

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    Just because Belichick is having two a day practices doesn't mean

    the older players like Moss, Galloway, and Springs won't be excused

    quite often from double duty.
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