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  1. Grizzafted

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    Sep 19, 2006
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    That time of the year again, crack your beers and make inane predictions that, should they come true, will allow you to label yourself a "genius," and, if they plunge to the ground as the mindlessly pointless guesses they are, nobody will remember anyway.

    Here's mine:

    - The Jets will barely crack .500, and Kellen Clemens will be starting by Week 10.

    - Jay Cutler will flash brilliance at times, but make crucial mistakes, and the Broncos will miss the playoffs again.

    - The Saints are going to slide to the middle of the NFC pack and the Carolina Panthers will take the division and make a surprising playoff run.

    - The Patriots will regret not drafting Paul Posluzny.

    - The Chargers will get homefield advantage in the playoffs, again, and will yet again lose to the Patriots at Qualcomm in the AFC championship.

    - Tony Romo will emerge as the real thing, and will lead the NFC in passing yards and QB efficiency.

    - The Tom Coughlin era will come crashing down to the NFC East basement, dragging Eli Manning, who will finish the season with a QB rating under 80, with him.

    - The Washington Redskins will be a surprise playoff team. Both wildcards will yet again be NFC East teams.

    - Arizona, St. Louis, and SF will contend, but the NFC West still belongs to Seattle.

    - Miami will be a non-factor by Week 7.

    - Laurence Maroney will rush for 1,400 yards.

    - The surprise playoff team in the AFC will be the Oakland Raiders; Daunte Culpepper will have a surprisingly good year and Southern California will yet again have a controversy over a #1 draft pick QB riding the bench.

    - PATRIOTS 32 DALLAS 21 !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  2. Dragda

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    #93 Jersey

    Joey Harrington will have a career year.

    The Raiders will win the AFC West.

    Anquan Boldin will lead the league in receiving yards.

    The Chargers will beat us in week 2 but fail to reach the playoffs after a mid-season slide.

    Steve McNair will start every game for the Ravens, but they will fail to win a playoff game this year.

    The Vikings will have purple jerseys for half their games.

    I will get at least two of these predictions correct (this one included).
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