"Le Batard: Saban leaves as a loser, weasel"

Discussion in 'PatsFans.com - Patriots Fan Forum' started by hwc, Jan 3, 2007.

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    Scathing. Wow.
  4. T-ShirtDynasty

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    :rofl: Glad I wasn't the only one!

    ...and Wow, you weren't kidding.
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    :rofl: You know, the same thing crossed my mind.
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    The media in S Florida has been waiting 2 years to drop the hammer on the Nictator. He eliminated access to the team much to thei dismay...so pay back will be enjoyable to many in Dade county
  8. zippo59

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    I thought that too.
  9. Denism

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    Jeez, Well Done for Holding Back Dan LOL;)
  10. csfoster

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    He should be labeled a loser and weasel if for no other reason than his decision to go for a field goal to tie the game up with 3 minutes to go against the Jets.
  11. upstater1

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    Speaking of last names. If you knew your family line originally descends from a bastard, would you change your name?

    The sad thing is that, somewhere down the line in France (or Maine, Quebec, New Orleans) this writer's ancestor was a bastard. Now, that's not really so bad. Happened to lots of people. Most of us probably don't even know that we too are the progeny of bastards. The sad part is that the villagers started calling this kid a bastard, and soon enough, the kid went to school, and he was asked, "What's your name?" He replied, "Le Batard." The bastard. He grew old, had sex, maybe married the woman he had sex with, but no matter we know he sired a male child. Whether that child was a bastard or not is irrelevant, because on his birth he too was called, the Bastard (poor kid) and for centuries this family has been naming their kids, the Bastard.

    At the very least, they could have changed the kid's name to "Le Batardson."
  12. Mike the Brit

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    In the days when these things were a big deal, in France especially, it was also a big deal whose son you were -- so people were PROUD to be the bastard son of a person of high birth. The name "Fitzroy" means the bastard son of the king (fils-du-roi). It's not just some term of abuse. (The French king also had an Official Mistress.) Mr Le Batard is probably descended from some French aristocrat.
  13. denverpatsfan

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    What a crock of s. These same writers would have jumped ship in a heartbeat for more money at another paper. This country is all about the allmighty $. Give me a break.

    The bottom line is this good or bad for the Pats??
  14. zippo59

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    It puts the Phins in a state of heavy turmoil and instability, which I am not going to complain about. :)
  15. Mainefan

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    Denverpatsfan, what both of these newspaper columnists were complaining about was lying--not disloyalty. Lying and arrogance. And I think it's going to stick. I seriously doubt Saban will ever try for an NFL job again and if things don't work out at Alabama, he's not going to be a hot commodity in the college ranks. I don't know if anyone has ever died with a shot to his own foot, but Saban sure seems to be giving it a good try.
  16. PatsFanInVa

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    Yep, I couldn't figure out whether it was going to be some kind of Louisiana Saban tie-in, or what. Then I realized it was the guy's name. Interesting side-note, given Le Batard's name: The Dolphin ("Le Dauphin") is the title given to the legitimate heir of a French king.

    So it's really a family squabble in the French royalty, when you think about it. Not like they haven't had those before.

    I need to check out the "visitors lounge" for other teams and look for Aqua. Man that guy has to be crushed by now.

  17. Fanfrom1960

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    The only times I've seen Le Batard is on the Sports Reporters on Sunday, and he seems like a weasel too. Weasel calling a weasel a weasel.
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    Saban fears Belichick, Saban fears the Pats, thats why he left. :)
  19. PatsMyBoyz!

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    PTI just aired a clip of the Phins' OWNER press conference;the owner actually stood there and asked the reporters present if they had any suggestions or ideas to help this franchise go forward and if so could they please share them. He wasn't laughing either. Talk about being in disarray,lol that's truly pathetic. Wasn't there talk of the Dolphins being for sale?
  20. Mungo

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    hopefully this will erect another "pipeline" of young talent from bama to NE

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