Kraft driving force behind disagreements?

Discussion in ' - Patriots Fan Forum' started by drew4008, Mar 6, 2006.

  1. drew4008

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    "...Tuesday's owner meetings in Dallas between low- and high-revenue clubs. Sources told Mortensen that New England Patriots owner Bob Kraft has emerged as the most vocal high-revenue franchise that is a strong dissenter to a new revenue sharing model."
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  2. Pats726

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    No details as to why??? It isn't like the Patriots use cash over cap as much as other One wonders what is bad about this model?? My thinking is the Patriots get the shaft again....
  3. drew4008

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  4. sarge

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    Considering the lower revenue teams want a percentage of Krafts local revenue calculated before Kraft deducts his debt payment for the stadium he personally financed without tax payer dollars, it's a wonder he hasn't started going postal!
  5. Aldogg

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    Curran's article in yesterday's ProJo probably is the best explaination. Basically, when Kraft brought the team, we were 28th in revenue (out of 28 teams at the time) and Kraft went out, paid for his own stadium, made moves like getting Bledsoe and Parcells when he came into ownership to give the Pats some credibility and did other things to make the team the #2 revenue maker in the league behind the Redskins, and he feels other owners should get off thier asses and instead of looking for a hand out, should go out and earn thier keep by using everything in thier markets to make money.
  6. Bill's Girl

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    I hate that people are making Bob Kraft out to be the bad guy here! If not for him we would not have a football team! Someone said over the weekend that these low revenue need to get of their lazy a$$es and EARN thier own money!!! I agree with that wholeheartedly!
  7. PATSNUTme

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    Well I just finished listening to NEST on this. They seem to give the impression that Kraft is holding up the whole thing.

    Also, the a-hole Gresh thinks that Kraft should fold and give the players whatever they want.
  8. Willie55

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    It can't be all Kraft. All they need is 24 votes for the thing to pass. It's not like it has to be unanimous for the agreement to go through.
  9. Weishuhn

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    No surprise from Gresh, he's a wannabe player who wasn't good enough, so he always sides with them. I support Kraft. Without special set-asides or provisions for owners who built their own stadiums, didn't fatten up on PSL's, etc, he's going to get raped.

    As an example, why should he have to share his naming rights revenue when he risked his own finances to build the stadium, when teams like Cincinnatti won't be kicking in because the government that built the stadium retains the naming rights. In this example, the Bengals get the taxpayers to build them a stadium, and then get to skim off the Patriots naming rights money.

    I understand that the players just want their cut, leave the details to the owners to work out amongst themselves, but it is too complicated to include all revenue because some teams control those revenues and some don't. Also, those who claim that market size and geography shouldn't create inequities in revenue streams fail to recognize one simple fact, the cost of acquiring a franchise varies along these factors. If they want to level the field revenue-wise, they should figure out the average value of all franchises and reimburse those who are above the average, and dock those below the average that amount from the revenue sharing. Unless Tagliabue fashions himself as the next Lenin, he can't expect the more valuable franchises to accept the same profits as the less valuable ones.
  10. MoLewisrocks

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    Oddly there is no new revenue sharing model incorporated in this deal - just a cap on cash over a cap already too high for any of the have nots to vote for it. Nor according to the NFL has revenue sharing been discussed in any of the meetings in the last week.

    I really think two totally divergent thoughts Mort cobbled into one statement have resulted in Kraft somehow being responsible if the have nots vote against a deal essentially the same as the one all 32 of them voted against in 57 minutes last week.

    Kraft is opposed to a new revenue sharing model that shares all of TGR equally amongst 32 NFL franchises without regard for expenses or debt service or effort. Duh....he's been saying that for a year now. I guess somebody finally heard him. He's also said that there is no need for the owners to settle their differences prior to signing an agreement with the union - but I guess that presumed the union would offer a rational proposal for determining their percentage share of a far bigger pie.
  11. Bill's Girl

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    Damn, I missed that show.....I need to set the DVR for that every night, its on right around when I get home. Who was giving the impression, the people at the meetings or Dickerson and Tanguay?

    I can't believe BK is the only one stopping this. How does the vote work? Is it a majority like in a civil lawsuit or unanimous like in a criminal case??
  12. JDSal45

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    Parcells was here before Kraft bought the team, as was Bledsoe.

    J D Sal
  13. dhamz

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    Only 24 yes votes are needed. Anyone advancing the idea that Bob Kraft or any one owner stands in the way of an agreement is simply advancing an incorrect and uninformed idea.
  14. PATSNUTme

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    It was Dickerson with his hand puppet Tanguay. I don't take either of them too seriously. We aren't talking about two mental giants.

    Now Hazel Mea is a different story. But she doesn't give opinions- just the facts as she reads them.
  15. Bill's Girl

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    Perhaps a name change is in order..........Hazel's Boy???

    You know its funny about Tanguay, he used to be the morning sports guy on WERZ radio out of Portsmouth, NH in the 80's. I met him once at an appearance, back in the days when they used to hand out free cassette tapes. I got Miami Sound Machine and my brother got INXS..... I always liked him and it is too bad that he has turned into a screaming banshee on that show!

    Thanks everyone for the answer about how many votes are necessary to pass this new deal. So I guess that begs the question, why would Boston guys be blaming Bob Kraft for the hold up? Even fricken Borges has come around to see BK's point of view. I can understand the two of them slamming Dan Snyder or Jerry Jones........

    I stand by my original post, short of selling the team or firing BB, BK can do NO wrong!
  16. PATSNUTme

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    On the 10PM show, they did a complete flip with Fleger. As I said before these are not mental giants.

    So now it's not Bob Krafts fault and the owners are the reasonable ones.

    If they have Gresh back on tonight, they will flip again.

    BTW, How about 'Hazel's Big Daddy"?
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  17. Mike the Brit

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    From everything I've seen, it's dead simple: if Bob Kraft is against the deal, there's something wrong with it.
  18. mtbykr

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    I think BK should stick to his guns. I mean think about it this way: If you are working at your job and making $10/hr and you bust your butt all the time and you have a guy that also works with yuo doing the same job, but he does just enough to get by. The end of the week comes and you get your paycheck. They take out deductions for taxes, benefits, and then for "revenue sharing". You ask what it is and they tell you that this is to help the other guy becuase he doesn't make as much money as you.

    I think that everyone here would be pissed and mad if that happed. The principles are the same and IMHO BK should stick to his guns, and I will support him the whole way!
  19. PatsWickedPissah

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    Think of it this way. We as US citizens have a progressive income tax where the more you make, you pay higher rates. Kraft is AGAINST this concept for NFL owners. The NFL have-nots want more of the money Kraft and other successfull owners have earned. Kraft wants to be able to keep extra money he's earned by risking his capital and working hard and cleverly to improve his revenue. The others who don't work hard and take such risks with their money want the product of Kraft's efforts.
    It's that simple.
  20. PromisedLand

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    Yes it is that simple. It's communism vs. capitalism. 20th century history showed which system is superior.

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