JUST IN: Marty stays at San Diego

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    According to Sirius Radio, Alex Spanos Chargers Owner has decided to retain Marty Shottenheimer for a 1 year extension - Dumb Move IMO,The guy is a nice guy but never will win the SB.
  2. BelichickFan

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    He's no Belichick but you can do a lot worse than Marty. A similar thing happened when he left the Browns and they still haven't recovered to this day.
  3. PatsDeb

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    I don't think it's a dumb move as long as they got Shotty to agree that once he makes it to the playoffs (as he always seems to do) he turns over coaching to someone else! ;) Seriously, how can this hurt the Pats?
  4. bakes781

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    SD's golf game is only going to get better! :p
  5. Fogbuster

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    I'm good with it. I like Marty, a real nice guy. He's good for the Bolts.
  6. PatsFanSince74

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    so the chargers join the giants by extending a "questionmark" coach and buying a year to see if BB puts himself on the market after next season...
  7. Fanfrom1960

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    He's over the hill, if he ever was anywhere near the top of the hill. After the game he looked and sounded like a whipped dog. You have to be able to put on a better face than that. JMO, but as a Pats fan, I'm happy he's staying. That team could be really bad ass for a few years with a good coach.
  8. zippo59

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    So we can officially cross them off the list of threats for next year.
  9. LA_Rams_Fan

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    Here's the link, along w/ the story as well.

    What a bunch of IDIOTS!!!:eek: Why don't they just forfeit all of their games next yr., & trade LT to somebody who can WIN in the post season? Good lord I can't believe they brought Chokenheimer back. MORONS. They deserve what they get, that guy will NEVER win a Championship.:rofl:
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  10. hwc

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    Marty declined the extension.

    The Bolts offered him a one year extension at $4.5 million, but with only a $1 million termination payment if the team cans him after 2007 instead of being on the hook for the full $4.5 million.

    He said, "no thanks" and will coach the final year of his existing contract in 2007.

    This is NOT a feel good story, folks.
  11. bradtor007

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    Schottenheimer might not be in Belichick's league -- after all, his postseason record, with multiple teams, speaks for itself -- but I'm not sure the Chargers could have replaced him with anybody better.

    After next season, perhaps they'll replace him with Bill (Chin) Cowher.
  12. hwc

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    I wonder how the Chargers will perform next year without a full offseason of juice?

    I have a hard time believing that Merriman was a lone wolf.

    The way that Rivers went mental after the game Sunday, I have to wonder if he's juiced up. We know that Tomlinson is a nutcase. Foley seemed like he had some anger management issues, too.
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  13. Patters

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    I think it's a smart move. Most of the owners are more interested in the bottom line, and anyone who can help drive a 14-2 season is going to whip up interest in the team. Sure, it's nice to win playoff games and Superbowls, but in the absence of that, having a strong team and a strong season will sell a hell of a lot of tickets.
  14. Patriotic Fervor

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    Ahhh, this guy is priceless, is he not? I vote we keep him...
  15. hwc

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    Uh, I really, really don't think Marty Shottenheimer is going to be sellin' a lot of tickets in San Diego this offseason!
  16. spacecrime

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    IIRC correctly, he wasn't even wearing a headset through most of the game. Supposedly he has been putting play calling in the hands of his coordinators. He has been taking a lot of heat for that 4th and 11 go-for-it, and it probably was called by the OC.

    He has been accused of playing conservative running the ball, and now he is accused of not running the ball, basically not playing Marty ball.

    Mostly his fault is playing the Pats with a bunch of loudmouths who are physically gifted but mentally weak. McCree knocks down that pass instack of the catch-and-fumble, and suddenly Marty is playing against the Colts and home and he has broken the playoff jinx.

    I think spanos is smart enough to realize that.

    Big problem for Marty next year is that the Chargers are fried. They are not strong wnough to say, "We didn't play well enough to win, and by God that won't be the case next year!!!!!" They are avoiding and finding excuses and pointing fingers. They are emotionally damaged and will not recover. They are sad and crying and need a hug and everyone is telling them to STFU. The Poor Me syndrome will keep them down next year.
  17. VJCPatriot

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    Well Marty is a safe bet for a winning REGULAR season and the players like him so I guess it is the safe thing to do from a business perspective. I have to question how serious Spanos is about winning a superbowl though to keep Marty through next year. He probably just doesn't want to eat the remaining money on the contract. And the Chargers are guaranteed to sell out anyways if they have at least 12 wins next year.
  18. PatsDeb

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    They were pointing out on TV how Marty had the headphones off for most of the game, but thank God he couldn't resist in the 4th quarter and put them on!! :)
  19. Deus Irae

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    People blaming Marty keep overlooking the obvious: He's losing to good coaches and good teams, not a bunch of stiffs. Or, to put it another way, does anyone honestly think that the Colts, Ravens, Jets or Chiefs had any shot at all against the Chargers, even though most of them were good teams this season? Marty had the misfortune of having to face the only team in the league that really had a chance to beat him, and the greater misfortune of having to face that team in his team's first postseason game this year.

    The Chargers will start next season as the favorites to win the Super Bowl, barring injuries in the offseason. They play in a division with the Raiders and Herm Edwards, so they'll likely win 12-14 games again. They probably won't face New England as their first opponent again, at least by the odds. Even if they do, New England will likely be worn down from a long season and a killer schedule, and forced to play the Wild Card game again and meet in San Diego.

    I'm a Patriots fan but, as of right now, I put the Chargers ahead of them next season unless player development and/or draft picks are golden for NE.
  20. unoriginal

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    Steve Foley + SDPD + Offseason = Disaster

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