Junior Seau "gets it"

Discussion in 'PatsFans.com - Patriots Fan Forum' started by JoeSixPat, Jun 7, 2007.

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    Good news, that is.

    Even if he is only 70% player and 30% coach, he is a great asset. Great asset.

    He took a lot of heat last year (initially) and cooled it off quickly. We all saw the difference in the defense with/without him after that (freak, I think) injury.

    Hate to say it, but I think Seau now gives us more than Bruschi. Nice "problem" to have.
  3. DarrylS

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    I liked the way he played the game last year, and there was a difference after he went out.. see how much he has in the tank this year, would like him and #37 to play a full season.
  4. Box_O_Rocks

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    My first impression -- post mini-camp -- from the linebacker rotation and the safety reporting: those crafty old veteran spark plugs are going to be carefully managed to get the most out of their experience, while rotating them in and out to extend their season. We'll see how this impression holds up, BB intended to rest Willie more his last season here, but wound up turning him loose on the opponents, so who knows.
  5. foxborofan

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    Seau performed a lot better last year than I think anyone expected. The idea was to limit his playing time, but that never really happened because we were so thin at LB. I think this year he will be even more effective for two reasons:

    1. He has another year in the system which can only help.

    2. We are much deeper at LB with more talent and that will make it easier to limit each guy and especially Junio ro the situations that match his skills.

    It's so great to be the team that hall of fame players want to come play for... It always bugged me that guys like that would go to Miami (who hadn't won squat in years) because they had a winning reputation... I understood why guys like Deon Sanders, Charles Haley and others wanted to go to Dallas and San Francisco and now that is New England.

  6. marty

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    Seau brings that extra, intangible spark, ala Tedy and Rodney to the team. I'm glad he's back for us!

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