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    Stumbled acrosss this board a few days ago and have been pouring through everything. You guys are aewsome. So many good posts. I had not seen any typical message board sarcasm until I went to the Visiting Locker Room board. Whoa! Look out. LMAO.You know how to dish it out. So with that I will say that I am a Pats fan.

    I don't expect that I will have much to add to the boards but thought I would join anyway.

    My best in person sports experience was watching Ty Law intercept Manning 5 or 6 times in the AFC championship game in 04.
  2. Danny Boy®

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    I wish I saw that!,,,musta been kool!
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    #75 Jersey

    Welcome to the board.

    There is an "ignore" feature where you can make certain posters, say like Danny Boy, dead to you. Check it out on your "user CP".

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