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If the Colts win the SuperBowl

Discussion in 'PatsFans.com - Patriots Fan Forum' started by rtunstal, Jan 23, 2007.

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    The colts like every team that wins it will lose not only players but also Coordinators. Every successful team loses them, just look at Pittsburgh, Tampa Bay, the Ravens, because everyone wants to raid the cupboards for that super bowl experienced player or coach. This happens even if you make the play offs look at SD. I know people will say that know one has taken a coach from them before, but that is because they never made it to the big dance. so things change just mark my words and watch what happens. And the players will get ****y and thing they are deserving of the big bucks (Deion, Givens) and other teams will pay them even if they are not that good.

    What many fans of other teams will realize is that the patriots are not cheap they are smart, you cant pay everyone the big bucks, but a select few and have a bunch of mid tier players and pay them well and you will have a good team to compete every year. I would like to say the colts might fall into the categories of not making the play offs the fallowing year just like the ravens of 00, pats of 01, Tampa of 02 and steelers of 05 that would be sweet.:D

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