How much did Santana Moss get from the Skins?

Discussion in ' - Patriots Fan Forum' started by bosfan, Oct 2, 2006.

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    Wondered if it was in the Branch ballpark? I don't ever remember seeing Branch display the kind of after catch moves like Moss has the last couple of weeks. I like Branch, it is just that I'm trying to understand the performance levels that receivers can achieve - maybe you pay for a "Difference Maker" at that position like you pay for the same at QB or DL etc. - but otherwise you don't. Just thinking out loud.....
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    Santana Moss is twice the receiver Branch is, and I believed that before Branch pulled his holdout.
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    I cant agree with that
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    Moss can do this on another level than Branch. Branch is a nice receiver, but Moss is one of the best in the NFL IMO.
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    Moss is explosive but I can't put him in the group with the top recievers. Ya he can pull out a ridiculous 70 yard TD, but I still don't believe he is one of the best around.
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    The guy caught for 1483 yards and 9 TD's last year, in an offense that is run first, with Marc Brunell as his QB. In 2003 with the Jets he caught for 1105 and 10 TD's. His numbers earlier in his career were hurt by the fact that he was stuck in a dink and dunk Jets offense with Noodlearm as his QB.

    In yesterday's game he caught for 138 yards and 3 TD's, including one that won it in ovettime. And this was done against Jacksonville, one of the best defenses in the league.
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    Moss signed his 6 year $31M deal with Washington in May of 2005 but it was in the ballpark of what Branch got - and also in the ballpark of what we offered when you remove the voidable 6th year. Here are some details on his deal and others signed prior to Wayne's deal in March 2006 from an old Washington Post piece:

    "Moss, acquired in a trade earlier this offseason with the New York Jets for wide receiver Laveranues Coles, said he had been staying away from Redskins Park on the advice of agent Drew Rosenhaus. Moss said he was so anxious about being at Redskins Park that he even prodded Rosenhaus to make a deal and end his unofficial holdout: "It [the holdout] was real awkward. I wish we didn't have to go that route, but it's behind us."

    Moss had been scheduled to become a free agent after this season when he was scheduled to make $540,000.

    Moss's contract all but officially makes him Washington's top wide receiver. The extension could be voided after five years if Moss plays at least 45 percent of the offensive snaps in any year between 2006 and 2010. Thus, the deal likely will end up worth $26.5 million over five years. The first two years are structured to give Moss the equivalent of guarantees worth $11 million.

    Moss's contract is richer than deals signed this offseason by other wide receivers such as Oakland's Jerry Porter (five years, $21 million, including $7 million guaranteed) and Plaxico Burress, who signed for six years and $25 million with the New York Giants, with $8.25 million guaranteed. But Moss's contract stops just short of the one signed by Pro Bowler Muhsin Muhammad, who signed a six-year, $30-million deal with the Chicago Bears, including $12 million in guarantees. "

    Again though, it is easier to tear up a remaining deal on a rookie deal when you trade for a player than if you are retaining him. And in this case it was a swap for Coles who bolted in FA the year before but the JETS wanted back because of chemistry with Pennington. The JETS couldn't afford to sign either and got their preference of the two back without having to absorb a signing bonus for either.
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    Santana Moss IS twice the receiver Deion Branch is. Branch's value to the team was predicated on his experience with Brady.
  10. R_T26

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    I'll be honest when he was with the jets i thought he was overrated. But he's sick,certainley a top receiver in the NFL.
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    i love some of the skins players..if there was such thing as my second team its them mostly because im a Hurricane fan and well..Taylor, Portis, Moss = god

    anyways..Moss is way better than Branch. wether you watched Branch yesterday as a hawk or Branch as a can tell how much more of a playmaker Santana is

    he depends double-triple coverage..hes faster and quicker than Deion..and he makes huge plays wether its a deep pass..over middle..and 1 of the most exciting..a screen pass to moss.

    Moss was barely behind Steve Smith in stats while Steve had a better QB, and they passed more because injuries at RB.

    only thing i would say Moss doesnt have that Deion does is clutch ability..well he does in a way when he came back to score 2 TDs verse Cowboys..last nights game aswell with the game winner but just hasnt gotten the spotlight yet.

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