How many prime time games next year?

Discussion in ' - Patriots Fan Forum' started by R_T26, Mar 14, 2007.

  1. R_T26

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    Considering the Pats appear to be media darlings now, the networks love new faces in new places, and the fact that the Pats have a lot of intruiging matchups: Colts, Chargers, Steelers, Bengals, Ravens, Jets, Giants, and Cowboys. How many prime time games? I could possibly see 5 primetime games, and possibly 4 CBS/Fox games of the week.


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    You're dreaming at 5 games...2 games are likely @ 3 a possibility..I am referring to Sunday and Monday night games - Maybe 1 more on a national telecast on Sunday at 4pm
  3. jimmyjames

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    League rules mandate that a team may only play 4 prime time games per year. We will probably have 2 sunday night games and 2 Monday nighters.
  4. VJCPatriot

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    The problem is that although the Pats have some more star power now, they don't really have any problem childs. I expect Stallworth to go in line with the lockerroom. So without all that much controversy in Foxborough, I'm not sure the media is going to love us that much. Remember that douchebags get airtime. How many people tuned in to see whether or not TO fell flat on his face? Yeah. Ironic that the scumbags that deserve it the least will inevitably get the most face time in the press.
  5. R_T26

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    Well ESPN just aired a segement 5 minutes ago on OUTSIDE LINES, just about the Pats offseason.
  6. Seymour93

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    It's a 50/50 chance we'll be playing in Dallas on Thanksgiving. The Cowboys will play an AFC East team on Thanksgiving this season, so it's either us or the Jets (they play on the road at Miami and Buffalo).
  7. Crowpointer

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    That changed last year. 29 of the 32 teams can play 5 Primetime games and 3 can potentially play 6 primetime games.
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  8. VJCPatriot

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    I'd love for the Pats to play against the Boys on Thanksgiving. But don't they usually try to schedule the Skins vs the Boys?
  9. Seymour93

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    Each year they switch from CBS to FOX. CBS shows Dallas vs. AFC, while FOX, of course, shows Dallas vs. NFC. Last season we got to see the thrilling matchup of Tampa Bay vs. Dallas, so this year it's Dallas vs. AFC. It just so happens that the Cowboys are scheduled to play the AFC East in '07, therefore it will be either us or the Jets playing on turkey day.
  10. richpats

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    The NFL limits the number of primetime appearances to 6 for only 3 teams and then 5 thereafter. Denver actually appeared 6 times in primetime last year.

    Indy will be either the Thursday-night opener on September 6th or a Sunday-nighter on November 4th (the week before flex scheduling kicks in). Whenever Polian wants to play it. :)

    Dallas will likely be a Thanksgiving day game.

    San Diego will likely draw a primetime slot.

    Chances of one of the Jets games in primetime are pretty good.

    Ravens, Eagles, Giants, Bengals could make it too.
  11. Kdo5

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    We sucked in the Primetime last year. Especially Sunday Night football. I like the day games.
  12. DaBruinz

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    Except that those rules got changed with the whole flexible scheduling for the 2nd half of the season.
  13. You can count on the Colts-Pats matchup decided in primetime as well as the Chargers, Ravens and possibly against the Jets (Mangini vs. Belichick). All of the primetime games should be against strong AFC teams, NFC turned out to be terrible last year.
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  14. stinkypete

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    I'm thinking CBS nails down either the Colts or Chargers game, leaving the other for primetime. Dallas/Pats is the most likely Thanksgiving matchup. That likely leaves 1 divisional matchup (Jets a good call here), and one other conference name (I'm thinking Baltimore here).
  15. cloud34

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    I hate primetime games. I'm a Sunday at 1:00 kind of guy.
  16. Sean Pa Patriot

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    Im going to go with 5

    Im still going to say Sept 6th we open at Indy

    I also think San Diego NY Jets will be prime time

    and at Dallas will be Thanksgiving night

    and 1 flex game..
  17. PATRIOT64

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    Look for us to have 1 or 2 Monday Night games - San Diego at New England
    and if we have 2 its ............................... - New England at New York Jets

    Sunday Night we should have 1 Game as usual - Indianapolis at New England

    Most definately ESPN wants San Diego at New England on a monday night especially because of the Ladanian no class outrage issue,too big to let go - Bank on that game,99% sure its gonna happen
  18. AirForcePatFan

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    The more primetime the better so I can actually watch the games down here in GA instead of seeing highlights on the NFL Network station... And growing up in Texas, and my NFC team being the Cowboys, Dallas ALWAYS plays on Thanksgiving Day, so that's locked in, it's been that way for as long as I can remember...
  19. smg93

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    Yup, I like primetime games because those are sure to be shown through ESPN Asia.
  20. Patjew

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    I was just going to post something similar!

    With Slingbox, I can watch the games regardless of whether they're on ESPN Asia. The night games just allow me to do it at a reasonable hour of the day (morning).

    If you have family or friends in the US, you should definitely get hooked up with Slingbox. I have mine attached to my father's TV, and it allows me to watch whatever channel his cable box is set to on my PC. And if I don't like that channel, I can change it! Even when he's at the game (using MY tickets, BTW) and his TV set is off, I can still watch the game via his cable.

    (I'm not a Slingbox employee, just a Slingbox pimp. It really is cool.)

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