Help Please! Who to start?

Discussion in 'Fantasy Football' started by 37Harrison, Sep 25, 2011.

  1. 37Harrison

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    Week 3
    I have nicks but worried about his matchup against the Eagles and eli sucking. Right now I have benched nicks in favor of Branch. I also have woodhead. Would you sit nicks and play brannch or woodhead instead? It's a ppr league.

    Thanks! Post a link to your thread and I will help in return (whir)
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  2. PlainOldEd

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    I would start Branch. Eli has a tendency to suck, and fwiw I've seen Branch on a couple "start 'em" lists this week.
  3. D-cleater

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    *definitely* Branch over woody.

    Branch vs Nicks is a tougher call. Consider:

    Branch and Brady are dialed in, and Brady will continue to look for him with Hernandez out. The Bills can't double Branch, the Pats other receivers will kill them. I like Branch for *at least* 80 yards, and over 100 if he and Brady hook up for a big play or two.

    Nicks - clear cut #1 target, #2 receiver Manningham is out, and he's stimply a beast. That being said, he'll either be doubled all day or matched up against the league's best corner in asomugha.

    I see Nicks as feast or famine. If you need to go big, take Nicks, if you need to squeak by, take Branch. Worst case, you won't get skunked with Branch, you'll at least get a few points out of him even if Ocho comes alive this week or Welker/Gronk go over 100
  4. 37Harrison

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    Thanks for the replies. I know predictions are shaky at best but mt team is predictes to score 30 more points with branch in the lineup and 43 more points with nicks in the lineup. I think playing it safe with branch over nicks is the smartest think to do this week considering the matchups.
  5. jmt57

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    I agree, Branch is the safer bet. Personally I'd rather go with that safe play at WR2 or WR3, as opposed to inconsistent players like Nicks or Devery Henderson.
  6. 37Harrison

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    Well that didn't exactly work out too well, ugh!

    Branch held to nothing?! Really!?!?! Oh well, Nicks didn't do much either. I am losing by about 23 right now but still have Santana Moss and Jason Witten to play and he still has Dez Bryant. Hopefully Bryant doesn't play or is very limited which means all the offense will go through Witten.

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