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    Just a little intro...

    I remember my Dad watching the Pats when I was little, probably not much after they were started... lol. I have sat in Schaefer Stadium, Sullivan Stadium, Foxboro Stadium, and now Gillette!

    Seen the highs and lows, 46-10... I really thought we had a chance that year. I still have a VHS copy of the AFCCG against the Dolphins that year. Those were heady times. I even have a Stephan Starring jersey from that era. Funny thing, there was a charity football game locally a couple years ago with retired players, guess who showed up? yup, got an official autographed S.S. jersey!! lol.

    Of course things turned for the worse after, I remember watching Dick McPherson rolling on the ground hugging one of the players after the only game he won as a coach in the 1-15 year...

    Times are pretty good now and I have to thank Robert Kraft! I am proud to call myself a Pats fan. Mr. Kraft has taken a laughingstock of the league and built something that will be remembered in a completely different light.

    GO PATS!!!

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