Have the Pats taught you nothing?

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    The offense is insane. They are putting up record numbers. The single season passing TD record may be broken by the starting QB. Is the single season scoring record in jeopardy? You bet. There is no way this team can be stopped in the playoffs.

    Wait.. wait. Who are we talking about? The '07 Pats, or the '04 Colts? Both.

    Both teams had prolific scoring offenses that had a seasons worth of highlight reels after only a few weeks. Both offenses were in the discussion for "best ever". But you know what the Pats have taught me? It doesn't matter.

    That '04 season the Colts punted what, once? twice? on their way to playing the NE Pats. Then how many points did they score?

    This season is one for the ages. On this pace, you will have the privilige of watching a team that comes around in the league once a decade if that. Enjoy it. Live it up. Don't get co.ck.y. If the Patriots have taught me anything, its that anything can happen in the post-season.
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