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  1. notex

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    These guys are AMAZING....never heard of anything like this before...this is just getting ridiculous - i dont know how long ago this was or if its been posted but i had to comment and make sure everyone saw.
  2. jeffd

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    Don't these people make enough to pay someone to carry their weed for them?
  3. ajmitch81

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    The Bengals could be as good as Indy and NE and San Diego if they could get their heads on straight.

    Unfortunately for every Carson Palmer they have nine Chris Henry's -- that's not a formula for success.

    FURTHER - imagine how good San Diego would have been without all their off field distractions...........
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  4. sieglo

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    Has anyone paused to consider that maybe the police in Cincinnati are just more efficient than other areas of the country?
  5. Tunescribe

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    Chad Johnson would be awesome here. And, BB likes him. Imagine him schooling Chad Jackson. The two Chads, Jackson and Johnson. Wow.
  6. notex

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    i feel the need to start a thread everytime one gets arrested...it started getting old at 5 or 6 but now that its up to 9 its funny again...
    on the chad johnson thing ... i love that guy hes one of my favorites in the NFL...his distractions are positive not negative...he doesnt complain about contracts and playing time but he hypes up games and make them interesting. i love the dances too - they are just hilarious...as a former athelete i love **** talkin...cuz when all is said and through you can really just laugh about it after.
  7. PatsSox363804

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    I've been to Cincinnati many times, no that's not it :D

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