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  1. I know the game is on National TV, but for those who want to listen to Gil and Gino, instead of the 3 stooges, and are out of the New England area.. This link is up ..
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    Thanks a lot! I am at work tonight and I thought I was going to have to track the play-by-play online!
  3. There you have it... Pre game is on right now..
  4. 363839

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    Awesome link. Thanks, dude.
  5. richpats

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    Coming through loud and clear!
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    Patriots Nation NY, you are my MVP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  7. Put it on your favorites... It's live every week:singing:
  8. CheekyDave

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    no freaking way just saw this what a score, a mitzvah from you kind sir thank you!
  9. stevedogc

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    bless you sir

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