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  1. PatsSteve1

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    On 3 subjects that have been discussed here a lot.

    Harrison's pay cut and if he had extra info on it:

    Unfortunately, I don't have any more information on it, or I would have reported it. I do know Harrison is fine with the change and feels he can earn the money back. My feeling, and this is just opinion, is that Harrison had some concerns about whether he could be a salary cap cut. By taking the reduction, he takes that possibility away, while still earning a nice wage that he probably wouldn't get elsewhere at this point in his career.

    On BB's contract and if Mike thinks he's leaving after this year:

    I don't know the facts regarding Belichick's contract but I don't think 2007 is the last year. I have maintained that I think Belichick is here for thelong haul and I haven't heard anything that would make me change my thought on that.

    On Samuel:

    It depends on the player, Clay, which is why I view each situation independently. For example, I don't think Samuel has said to himself "look whathappened to Lawyer Milloy, David Givens, Damien Woody and so I should take less than I think I'm worth to stay here." In
    Samuel's case, he appears to be trying to maximize his value and will consider going anywhere to get it, which I feel is similar to what Daniel Graham, Deion Branch, David Givens and Adam Vinatieri have done in recent years. On the flip side, a player like center Dan Koppen decided he was happy in New England and re-upped last year for less than what I think he could have received on the open market. For fans of the team, I'm sure the preference would be for more players to take Koppen's approach, but I can also respect the other approach, because for some of these players there is one chance to land a big payday that can secure their futures.

    * It's just Riess's opinion but he's usually more rational than most of the media around here. Many fans too :)
  2. Vern

    Vern Practice Squad Player

    Nothing they've done the last few years makes much sense if Belichick is leaving this year. If this is supposedly BB's last year, then in 06 he would surely have gone all out to sign Branch, and probably gone higher for Law as well, to give himself two "last good years" at a SB, and just slightly bust the bank a bit for some other schmoe who would come in for 08. The only reason those deals make sense is that 08 mattered as much to BB as 06 and 07.
  3. RayClay

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    Reiss is the voice of reason. How can you not respect the job this guy does?

    For the detractors, I don't need negative garbage and unsubstantiated rumor.

    Mike tells it like it is, as far as I'm concerned. I don't feel he's a suck up at all. He's just lucky to be covering a great, well run team and he appreciates it.
  4. BradfordPatsFan

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    Us fans need to remember that as well. It was not all that long ago that this team was the laughing stalk of the league. We are fortunate to have what we do.
  5. Patsfanin Philly

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    There is a quote from The Education of a Coach in which BB talks about how the grass isn't always greener and explains why his father stayed at the Naval academy for all those years when he had the opportunity to move on and up. I wish I could find the quote but it was telling and I hope he takes it to heart and stays at Foxboro for many, many years.
  6. PatFan1932

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    "...He was one of those Americans who, though ambitious and exceptionally hardworking, knew when he had a deal that suited him, and had no urge for greenier pastures, which in his shrewd estimate might in fact not be greener. Over the years he turned down countless other job offers, from other colleges and from the pros. When Bill Edwards, his great mentor and by then coach at Wittenberg College in Ohio, asked him to come there, he regretfully turned it down because it would be a step backward in terms of strength of the program. When there was a chance to be head coach of Navy, he told the comittee that he liked the job he already had, thereby taking himself out of the running for head coach..." ~Page 9
  7. PatFan1932

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    Yeah, guess it shows I know that book inside and out huh?
  8. Pats726

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    I think Reiss is absolutely on top of things, but I think in he's mischaractorized two of the players he was comparing Samuel to. He mentioned Graham and AdamV and I think neither's departure was similar to Givens and Branch. Graham had ties to teh Denver area and I do think that was one of teh factors. Also, he wanted to be used more as a receiver in the offense and this too was something denver offered.
    AdamV wanted to play in a dome and also wished to play for a competitive team. Indy offered him that opportunity. I feel Branch and Givens were going to the highest being most important. While both Graham and Vinatieri DID get much money in their destinations, I think other factors were also at work. Do you think AV would have gone to Buffalo if they offered him the most money?? I think not.
  9. PatFan1932

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    Yeah I have to agree with that!
  10. DaBruinz

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    BTW, anyone notice our favorite cast-off, NEM voicing his "opinion" in the Mailbag? Its on page 6 of 7 right at the top.

    Personally, I believe that NEM forgets too many things about Hobbs. Like that Hobbs was lining up at Left Corner coming out of camp and not Samuel. And that Hobbs was only shifted to right corner after he hurt his wrist.
  11. PatsSteve1

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    * I thought that was him. I'm hoping Hobbs has an excellent season.
    Josh, too -:)
  12. RayClay

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    It was 40 years of my life.:eek:

    Not really though, we had some fine players, coaches and teams. Under the most difficult and sometimes absurd circumstances, it almost came together a few times.

    Of course, for the newer fans remember the Bobby Grier era. It's never easy.
  13. Pats726

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    some ups and downs...but it was never all together as it has been of late...
  14. kriskanos

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    You are exactly right. Most members of the Boston media think it is their job to crap on everything our beloved teams do. Especially if they are invited to a national show they feel the need to prove they are not Boston biased. I have noticed this with many Boston writers(Ryan,Shank,Smith,May,Gammons,Felger...etc etc. But in watching shows like PTI and Around the Horn I notice that columnists from other cities gladly show their bias(Wilbon,Mariotti,Paige,Adande) I dont want complete homerism really,but given the choice between a Tommy Heinsohn or a Ron Borges type point of view...Give me Tommy any day. Besides I LOVE WALTAH!!!!
  15. RayClay

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    Few teams ever get it together like we have and continue to do IMO. Of course we should savor it.

    But it is a misinterpretation that the Patriots were always bad. When they were bad, though they were BADDDDDDDD!!!!

    The early Patriots amassed some great talent, with little money. Their playoff game on the left coast was bad, but coast to coast travel was a lot different in the early sixties, kiddies.:D

    Early 60's Great 4 man line, QB, Gino, great powerback in Nance. With a little luck, they could have put it together, they were very competitive talent wise.

    The mid 70's John Hanna/Fairbanks teams might have been the most talented ever, including today, (compared to the league). A bad call and the Hannah Gray/Fairbanks moral sapper made Parcells defection pale.

    Ray Berry Superbowl team. Y'all hate him, but the broke Sullivan put the 3rd highest payroll in the NFL on the field that year and didn't scrimp on the coaching staff either.

    In my opinion, that team was two nuts (Eason's lack thereof) away from being something more special.

    Of course the Bears were a buzzsaw that year and Hannah finally ran out of non-shredded shoulders and knees.

    I'm old enough to remember every Celtics Championship except the 50's and you need everything plus a little luck. Personally, if my team gives every once of effort that's what counts. I've loved losing teams on the Pats (2005) and Celtics more than any others for that reason.
  16. pats1

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    I went over to NEM's "site" to check out how much he was proclaiming Reiss' response. Sure enough, NEM has a thread over there, but decided to delete everything after "I have heard some scouts echo your thoughts on Hobbs."
  17. shmessy

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    God bless NEM. I hope he's doing alright.
  18. patpatriot

    patpatriot Banned

    ...ditto...where he is...
  19. captain stone

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    I agree re: Graham. Although I despise the donkeys, esp. the salary cap-cheating owner, the constipated-looking HC, and Elway, I wish Grahambo good health and good luck (except against us). He gave everything he had to give, and greatly improved his hands during '04-'06. Watson may have the faster feet, but not the better hands. I wonder now, was Graham open on 3rd and 4?

    As for the Vinitraitor, I feel that his decision was more personal, as in: FU, NEP, I'm signing with Indy, and not with Dallas (as I thought he might). That's why that scumbag is less than dead to me.

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