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    New England Patriots quarterback Tom Brady leads a charmed life - ESPN The Magazine - ESPN

    Good stuff in this article. Found the part about Kurt Warner texting him after the AFCC game loss in January interesting. For all the Patriots hating he seems to do on air, I didn't expect to read that.
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    My first, and last man crush.
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    No time to read the article right now (thanks for the link though), but have to says that's one of the biggest "no shiite sherlock" headlines I've seen in a while. Tom Brady living a charmed life* ... mmm, ya think?


    *And yes, I know, he works hard for a lot of it. Still, it's good to be him.
  4. dales804

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    Me, too. And I never deny it even though my wife tries to give me crap for it.
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    I love reading about what makes Tom tick.

    I found a particularly interesting part of the article to be when the writer (Seth Wickersham) asked Tom's parents about any foresight they had that predicted Tom would end up a HOF QB. They had none. It's interesting to me because it reinforces how hard Tom works to achieve the results he has - he took people by surprise when given the opportunity, and has been pressing hard ever since.
  6. DarrylS

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    Good read, added to the collection..
  7. Spergon Wynn

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    The whole idea that Warner hates the Patriots is overblown. Sure he may be sore because of '01 but he's no Marshall Faulk.

    Didn't Warner write Belichick a letter in 2007 congratulating him on the undefeated season?
  8. TruthSeeker

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    Great article, covers a lot of ground. How could you not love TFB ?
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    I find it a bit sad about his kids. There is something to be said about growing up and playing in the streets with all the rest of the kids. I grew up in a housing project in Dorchester. You were alone when you were with less than 5 kids. I never thought it was a negative living in a housing project. Some of my best memories were taking the T (MTA back then)with a couple of friends to a Red Sox game. Paying 75 cents for unreserved grandstand seats then migrating down to the box seats in the 6th or 7th inning. Ten cents for the T, a quarter for 5 packs of life savers, and the tickets and for less than a buck and half we spent many a sunny summer day dodging ushers and watching the Sox lose magnificently.

    Its too bad, in a sense that Brady's kids will never experience that kind of freedom. Sure they have every advantage money can buy. Sure they get to watch games from private boxes, but somehow I doubt its the same....and I find it comforting that Brady seems to understand the inconsistency. Being Tom Brady's children will open a lot of doors, and these kids will lack for nothing, but there is also a burden that they will have to endure. As they grow up, they will always be compared to their father in everything they do, and they will NEVER have that freedom to simply "take in a game" with a bunch of friends.
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    Warner has always been a classy guy. Not surprising at all. He's nothing like Faulk.

    Anyways, needless to say Bradys a legend and can never receive enough credit. He could easily have won the MVP in 06, 11, and 12 as well as SBs in 06, 10, 11, 12. I mean even if you ignore the three SBs he's won and other personal accolades, that's a pretty ridiculous amount of success.
  11. TruthSeeker

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    Unfortunately, even my middle class nephew doesn't have that freedom. Not with the way things are nowadays, parents can't/shouldn't take their eyes off of their kids.
  12. SVN

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    You could live on Long Island, or in Denver, or in Indianapolis, or . . . . :p
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    That was a great way to start out a Sunday morning. Thanks for sharing it with us.

    Every time I see and hear things from that kid I'm more impressed by him. He is truly one of a kind.

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