Do you really thing we would be blaming McDaniels right now if...

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    O.K. So McDaniels will likely not be a coach heading to the NFL Coaches Hall Of Fame anytime soon,But do you (NEM in particular) really think that if McDaniels had a trio of guys like Chad Johnson,Marvin Harrison and Randy Moss for example that were out there catching balls from Brady that we would be here right now *****ing about McDaniels play calling?

    You can't put all the blame on this guy,True his play calling is predictable at times,but we simply don't have the Caliber WRs to work with - Although there have been a few breakouts of success from our receivers in a few games this year,lets face it - NONE OF THEM are going to be going to Canton or even the Pro Bowl if ever and McDaniels is not responsible for our WRs not getting free from D-Backs - McDaniels is not responsible for poor pocket protection either so lets not pounce on this guy - He is just a very tiny problem of many which is the story of the 2006 New England Patriots offensive team.

    Just like we can't say 'FIRE DEAN PEES' because Hobbs knocks down or bumps a player who has beaten him for a 50 yard PI penalty which caused the other team to score,which I have seen more than once from Ellis,Scott Ect:.

    Like a good friend of mine who happens to be a very good Harness Race Driver said to me once- 'If You Don't Have A Good Horse In Front Of You,You Will Not Win,No Matter What A Good Driver Does'

    Apparently that might be the case this year,at least at this point and after this devastating loss today - we might not have the 'horses' to win the 'big race' this year-time will tell if we can have a nice 'qualifier' before the 'real race begins' to have a shot as small as it is right now.
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    The jury is still out on Mcdainels, but he did not make any adjustments, and that trick play was not well executed.. Though I cant fault Brady for just trying to make a play..
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    Very good questions and welcome to the board. There is only one major flaw in your post. You cannot use logic to address a crowd who bases their opinions on emotional self-gratification.


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    LOL 'Got Cha' and thanks for the welcome!

    I think NEM is an O.K. guy,Just is a VERY opinionated guy thats all..Guess he has a right to that,as well all do,but you CANNOT and I mean CANNOT blame the offensive woes directly on ONE GUY.

    It starts and finishes at EVERY PLAYER ON THE OFFENSE including the coordinator who is just a piece of a puzzle that has not been put together and completed this year and probably won't be,other than a few flashes here and there - This offense mainly its QB/OL/Receivers as a whole is a work in progress.

    Most here on this board were hoping by week 10 it would all be together and ready for the playoffs and on cruise control,Well it appears that its gonna take longer than that,maybe even an offseason training camp together and some new blood in some areas as well (matt light more than anyone on the OL seriously needs to improve or have someone else take over),Personally I don't think we have the time to get this put together for a serious SB run but if turnovers happen in the playoffs in our games (in OUR favor that is) you never know.
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    You have no idea what you are talking about. lol.
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    No kidding! LOL, The very soul of decorum and good taste, not to mention class. Dang the meds are getting carried away, I guess it's too bad NEM had to high tail it to look up Stephen Neal's block, he might have been able to frighten me with his empty promise. It's so hilarious he would claim his promises are any good when his word in the past hasn't been worth the toilet paper he needed to clean it off his "lips."
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    My mantra about McDaniels is simple, the game plan is developed by the O coaches, approved by BB and submitted to Brady for tweaking before it is presented to the players. I any of them do not like what the game plan looks like they can dissent or present an alternative. During the Game BB is involved also, none of these folks are content with complacency and from what I have seen. The horses comments are pertinent, go back to Branch we had no choice except to have done what the Pats did. They could not have renegotiated with him and void the last year of his contract, if they did 52 other guys in the locker room would have been pissed. This is the way the Pats do business, with that being said our receiving corps is patchwork at best and one of our best hopes Jackson cannot even make the trip. This coupled with devastating injuries, 3 or 11 of our starting D are either on IR or did not make the trip. Our rookie RB did not make the trip, some of our players who are older are starting to show it and cannot hide it with their wisdom. This loss is not because of McDaniels, it is because of a whole bunch of factors, and I suspect that in the offseason this whole team will be reshaped and look much different next year.
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    This whole McDaniels thing is a hole in the bucket kind of deal. He doesn't adjust the game plan. But he doesn't have the staff he needs to do so, so he doesn't make adjustments because hedoesnthavethestaffsohedoesntmakeadjustments....
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    If people are looking for someone to blame ... why not blame Belichick?
    He is the one with the final say. If McDaniels didn't adjust then
    Belichick went 60 minutes without saying anything about it.
    The buck stops at Belichick the great master of using 2nd tier talent.
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    I really think it boils down to what you feel you can expect. Can you expect an above average job? Can you expect a great job? Should you accept average?

    There is no question that the offense was better with Weis in charge, and that Weis did a great job. I think it is unfair to expect McDaniels to reproduce that. I think many Patriots fans do just that though.

    Also, it isn't like good OCs grow on trees. You don't change for change's sake because things can always get worse.

    I think it is clear though that the Patriots have to keep an eye open for a better OC. If a known, good OC becomes available they should at least have a conversation. You don't give McDaniel's the boot though without a replacement.
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    Don't let NEM hear your comments about Weiss... don't need to get him started agian. OTOH, last year he was the de facto offensive coordinator, were there as many complaints as there is now??

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