Didn’t deserve to win but…

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    Didn’t deserve to win but…

    The Patriots did not deserve to win that game for several reasons. The first is obviously the turnovers. The second is the lack of finishing drives. Pats had to settle for 2 FGs, a missed FG and a pick in the red zone. A Super bowl quality team HAS to score TDs on at least 2 of those possessions. For those reasons I think the Pats should have lost. That being said the officiating was awful.

    * Samuel’s pick looked good when it happened. It took a review to get it called correctly.
    * That was a bad pass interference call before the end of the half. Samuel looked back for the ball and he has every right to go after the ball just as the received goes after it. Should have been a non-call.
    * On the 50 yard FG before the half a Denver o-lineman moved but was not flagged.
    * No idea how Bailey is ruled out at the 1 on the interception return. He either had the ball in his hand at the goal line and it is a TD for Denver or he fumbled it through the end zone. I don’t see how he fumbles before the end zone and the ball ends up where it stops. If they called it a TD I would have been ok with it but out at the 1. No way.
    * Brady’s second pick. Lynch was fine on the play but the other db never turned around and puts his left hand out and pushes the Pats WR out of the way. If you call the first interference call on the Pats you have to call that interference too.

    I want to be clear. I am not saying the officials stole that game away from the Pats. The Pats made more than enough mistakes to shoot themselves in the foot and Denver made that plays it need to win but I thought the officials were brutal.

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