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Discussion in ' - Patriots Fan Forum' started by PatsFaninAZ, Jan 14, 2007.

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    This is a very very simple point: When a coach has used a challenge in a half, he doesn't get another one. He's got to wait until the time is short enough and hope for booth review.

    It was embarrassing today watching the announcers blather on and on about whether or not plays should be challenged after the coaches had used them.

    I suppose Indy running a quick snap and basically giving up a down on a play to avoid a challenge after Baltimore had already use theirs was just adding fuel to the fire.

    The funny thing was that the guys in the Indy/Balt game understood that once Indy used its third timeout, they couldn't challenge. You'd think the would have understood the much simpler point that you only get one per half.
  2. alamo

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    Except, that's not true. They get two per game, not one per half. They also get a third if the first two are both successful.
  3. Hok

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    The irony!

    Before lecturing people on not understanding simple points, it's best to understand what you're talking about. Coaches get two (and a third, if the first two are successful) challenges PER GAME, not one PER HALF.
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    I just wish that Cabbage Patch doll Gumbel could remember it's a football game. It's quarters not periods.

    Also wait until you know what has happened before reporting it. "Manning throws the ball away." Seconds later "Oh, no he found a receiver. Completed pass." "Manning..INTERCEPTED. Oh no ball was tipped." Just shuddup. :rolleyes:
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    I thought they get two per game, and another if they both go their way?

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    Dear message board posters:

    Don't get indignant about a rule you don't understand!

    Oops -- obvioulsy a brain fart on my part.

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