Current and former Pats at the Kentucky Derby

Discussion in ' - Patriots Fan Forum' started by Brady_to_Moss, May 4, 2013.

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    Brady, Wilfork, and one of our former slot receivers all attended the glitziest black tie affair in Louisville last night, not far from where I work.

    Copious Notes » Blog Archive » Barnstable Brown Gala celebrates 25 years

    I didn't have the $1250 for the ticket (or the black tie) and the Doublemint Twins didn't invite me. (The old [now] Doublemint Twins host this every year.) A buddy of mine and his friend, when they were 17, wore tuxes and showed up at this party years ago, saying they were there working for the caterers - and they let them in! They pulled it off for about 15 minutes ("Hey look! Sylvester Stallone!") until they were discovered and kicked out.

    I was going to post today's pic of Brady in a bow tie, but I thought better:


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    Nice to see another PatsFans user so close to me. We live in a rough area to be Patriots fans ;)

    I am from right across the river, New Albany. Wife and I wanted to go, we always celebrate our anniversary on Derby Day (our first date, 19 years ago). But we could not afford the tickets either.

    Brady has attended the Derby for several years now.
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    Rumor at the track is Tom Brady put $4700 on Orb to win

    Of course he did.
  5. JDot

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  6. jmt57

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    So how long until somebody starts a rumor citing an unnamed source that Tom Brady has a gambling problem?

  7. Brady_to_Moss

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  8. DarrylS

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    Not sure why someone would be hesitant to post a picture of Tom Brady in a Bow Tie, he is secure enough and it fits the scene..

  9. goheels22002

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    "Tom Brady has a gambling problem," according to an unnamed source.
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    I think that is Welker jumping all over them at the end.
  11. Captain Cliche

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    Not to beat a dead horse.....Welker still hanging with his Pats homies.

    He really effed up. Some things are more important than getting top work mates and team atmosphere.

    I took a pay cut once to go to a company with a better work atmosphere.
  12. PatsWickedPissah

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    Unlike most posters here I too always put other factors way ahead of maxing out on salary.
  13. TyronePoole

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    do you guys have to retire with possible lifetime medical complications in 3 years? Have you ever taken a $2m pay cut?

    I'm sure he'll survive the dregs of the broncos lockerroom
  14. Dago

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    Tom Brady excited for a winner bet of 4900$?
    how could won?10000$?
    more simple he has a quote of the horse
  15. Gronkandez

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    Couldn't quite decipher your post but I can tell you he didn't win $4900, that's approx what he bet. He won over $20K.
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    Reportedly, Brady has not consumed alcohol for a number of years.
  17. Trycked

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    Probably now him and his wife can send their kids through college. :rolleyes: But it's good to see him have fun and still be excited about winning, hopefully it's a sign of good things to come for this season.
  18. ctpatsfan1

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  19. Dago

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    my fantastic english....:p
    I knew he bet 4900...I thought he could win 10k....
    ok he won over 20k but the question is same:can TB exciting for win $20k?
  20. midpack

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    FWIU, TB12 gets excited when he wins a Table Tennis match...

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