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    I had orginally saved this paper for Cal Ripken's last game (at Fenway), but there was more to it:

    Worcester T&G, September 28th, 2001:

    Oh, if we only knew.
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    No comment.


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    pats1, rather historic article. Thanks for sharing it. I was at a game at Candlestick Park late in the season in 1980, 49ers vs. Patriots. The Patriots led most of the way, then Joe Montana came off the bench to lead the 49ers to the win. Steve Deberg had been the starter all year, but we know what happened from then on. Montana had not been considered to be a slam dunk, third round pick and all, but Deberg was pretty old, and Joe was the heir apparent. The Brady story is more remarkable. I hope he gets at least one more ring to tie Joe.
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    Ah memories.....I remember that 49er game. I was so pissed!!!! How could the Patriots lose to that pathetic 49er team. I remember Grogan started at QB for the Patriots when he shouldn't have played, but Matt Cavenaugh was hurt, too, so he had to start. He threw 6 interceptions. Still, I was very upset that such a good team could lose to such a poor one.

    Of course, the 49ers weren't as bad as I thought -- they won the Super Bowl the next year. And, the Patriots weren't as good, either. In 1981, they finished 2-14.
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    Yes, two teams moving in different directions for sure. You have a remarkable memory. That game was 25+ years ago!
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    Seems like yesterday....

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