Cedric Benson is a free agent

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    With Cedric being a UFA (he signed a 1 year 520k deal with Cincy)... I think he'd be a nice relatively young addition to our team. I mentioned this to him this past weekend (autograph signing, we grew up together in Midland,Texas), his reply was 'yeah that would be alot of fun, you guys do need a back'.

    I know he has had some off the field issues (Austin DA dropped the charges) but he had a great season and broke the string by Baltimore of not giving up a 100 yard rusher....
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    Can he block better than Maroney?
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    would be interesting if we used him correctly

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    I would say so. He was the feature back in the North and we know what two teams are there and their love for the blitz. It wasn't a blocking play but he ran over Troy P I believe and knocked him out of the game. That was one of his knocks early at UT was that he couldn't pick up the blitz, he's gotten better and more physical at the line in the passing game.

    21 attempts 169 yards & 1 TD against the Jets in the playoff game. Maroney hasn't sniffed that since the 07 run.
  5. This guy would be great. I wonder how expensive he'd be. Doesn't go down on first contact, runs low, powerful legs. Not like spindly legged, upright running maroney. I mean I like maroney but he's not built for punishment.
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    Is Cincy really NOT going to sign/tag him? He had a great season there and they seem to love and work well with troubled players.

    I would to see a between the tackle, 20-25 carries a game back who could come here and do what Correy Dillion did during the SB years... HHMM come to think of it... wasn't he a Troubled (more dusgruntled) player from Cinci also...;)

    I wouldn't mind picking up brian leanord. Smart, tuff and has shown he can catch the ball out of the backfield.. It dark hourses like these that intrigue me in what they might be ablt to accomplish in a system like the patriots.
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