Casale's Monday Camp Notes

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    Some interesting tidbits:

    Who’s Hot: Laurence Maroney – The rookie had by far his best practice to date and flashed some of the skills that made him a first-round selection. Maroney made some nice cuts during goal line drills and showed good patience in the hole, something he was known for in college. On one play, Maroney caught a 10-yard pass over the middle, stopped and changed direction, then turned on the afterburners and was gone. Maroney still needs to work on his blocking but he has the kind of big-play ability that is going to keep Patriots fans on the edge of their seats for years to come.

    Who’s Not: Freddie Roach – A lot of people like Roach’s chances to make the team but he rarely gets on the field during practice. Even when he is on the field, Roach doesn’t stand out. One could argue that he’s an undrafted free agent and it’s taking him time to learn the system. However, Corey Mays and Pierre Woods are undrafted free agents and they’ve made some plays when given the opportunity to get on the field. So far, Roach has been a non-factor in camp and that’s not the way a player who wasn’t drafted makes the team.

    Play of the Practice – Mike Vrabel returned a tipped interception for what would have been a touchdown and Maroney’s catch and run was nice, but Caldwell turned in the best play of practice. Caldwell hauled in an overthrown pass by Cassel when he split two defenders down the seam and lunged to make an acrobatic catch. Other than a couple of hiccups at the afternoon practice on Friday, the newly acquired receiver is having a stellar camp so far.
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    Maroney, Thomas and Caldwell are the ones, so far, who seem to really be turning heads and have that "wow" factor early in camp.
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    When Maroney gets his blocking down, watch out. This kid has some serious big play ability. I just hope Chad Jackson makes an appearance soon.
  4. Drewwho

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    WAIT!!!! Overthrown pass from Cassel? How can that be? I heard he has perfect all TC and Brady was out of practice for fear of his job!!!!
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    After watching all the Maroney video, the most striking thing to me was his patience in allowing blocks to develop. And when he picks his hole - he is just friggen GONE.

    I think we are back as a running team.

    Re: Caldwell: It's only 4 days into camp, but it looks like the braintrust got a steal. It's just a matter of if he stays healthy.

  6. AzPatsFan

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    I always thought he had everyhting needed to be a #1 WR. Apparently so did Belichick and Pioli. Speed, size, hands, body control and fearlessness. That's why he was drafted as ahigh second rounder before Deon Branch the year they both came out.

    Injuries have mucked up his game.
  7. Mosi Moose

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    Agreed. These are the names that have popped up every day since Friday. I'm looking forward to hearing how Chad looks when he's ready. It sounded like he had a great mini-camp back in June. I'm hoping we hear more about Mincey as TC progresses.
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    Well, to be fair, the defense is not getting a lot of coverage in the Training camp reports. Given the fact that for the most part everyone is measuring what the offense is doing, so a back-up outside linebacker is likely not being looked at too closely.

    We only have what 11 more days to go before we can actually see these guys go against live competition.

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