Bruschi's podcast: Scheme is sound

Discussion in ' - Patriots Fan Forum' started by SVN, Sep 29, 2010.

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  1. SVN

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  2. KontradictioN

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    Yeah but Bruschi has sold out to ESPN. :bricks:

    Of course the scheme is sound. The BBDB and two-gapping schemes have been around longer than most of us have. There are still extremely successful defenses in the NFL right now that run the same schemes. The thing that's missing from our scheme, and has been missing since 2008, is the personnel to run it at the level that BB wants it run at.

    There is AT LEAST one hole at DE (if Brace keeps playing well, he'll cover the other hole), a rookie SILB learning on the run and adapting to a new scheme (Strong ran a one-gap 4-3 at Florida), a WILB still learning to get off blocks (but who is solid in every other aspect of his game), question marks at OLB (one who was strong against the pass last year, but is a liability against the run. One who is a rookie learning on the run. And one who should only see duty as a back-up), question marks at CB (rookie learning on the run, second year player who is struggling to play comfortably withing the system, and a couple of guys who have only proven to be JAGs at this point), and a safety position occupied by a second year player still learning to hone in his skills and a guy who has a tendency to freelance a little bit too much.

    Please forgive me for the huge run-on sentence above.
  3. Sicilian

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    That run on is the most accurate assessment of the defense I've seen in a long time. Honest, but not overly harsh. It is what it is... and we'll see what it will be by year's end.
  4. BlueThunder

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    lack of discipline and inexperience is a deadly combo.....

    and that isn't meant to be a compliment :eek:
  5. Tunescribe

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    I don't think it's even as much shortcomings in personnel as a matter of the players doing what they're taught to do and not freelancing. The d-backs are the prime culprits but the linebackers and young linemen also have lapses in fundamental play. They're just not playing as disciplined as they should. If they did, they'd at least be serviceable until the youngsters get some seasoning and the defense overall becomes more cohesive.


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    There is really nothing Tedy said about the defense that a moron could not figure out

    The defense is young,the defense is out of place at times,the defense makes mistakes and has critical penalties and the defense will take much time to become organized as games go on and this is not a championship defense.

    No kidding....
  7. mcsully

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    One might say the scheme is sound but are we trying to force a system that takes years to learn to players who might not be around when the others do and Tom will be on the back end of his career?
  8. Off The Grid

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    I'm with Sicilian: Best Run On Sentence EVER!! :D

    Concur. I project Ron Brace to be at LEAST a consistently effective Run Down End, by Halloween or ThanksGiving.

    And I have HIGH hopes for Brandon Deaderick, trained under the watchfull eye of none other than Nick Saban.

    I predict he'll get activated very soon...and become an invaluable member of this Front Wall soon, thereafter.

    Strong point about adaptation. I've been pimping Spikes since March: He's going to be a GOD when it starts clicking...a GOD.

    LOVE me some Mayo. Tales of his demise are VASTLY overrated. Nothing short of Stardom is in the offing.

    I cannot abide hyphenators. I concur: I've always said that Cain is a 3rd Down Specialist who needs to choose a name.

    I like Cunningham's (rumored) Verticle + Short Shuttle times to project to an exceptional Flanker.

    I like Ninkovich's numbers as solid, in that regard, and his Heart to be exceptional.

    He is The Gary Guyton of Flankers; a guy I don't want starting, but who I hope will be around for the balance of the decade.

    LOVE McCourty. Brother Wilfork had some rather brilliant notions about him in The Draft Room, by the way.

    Butler. I do believe he'll be a good starting Corner...or an AWESOME NickelBack, which is, of course, ALSO a Starter.

    Wheatley's upside as a Nickel is exceptional; as a Dime is AWESOME.

    And I am VERY grateful to have Wihlite, who is a damned good SCRAPPER, who hasn't deserved the disdain he's received.

    As always, since the day we drafted him: Rodney Harrison with all the upside and fresh out'f the box!!

    I'd love to see Meriweather TRADED: Brother Wilfork single handedly persuaded me of that advisability.

    Meriweather is a classic case of Entertainment versus Championships.
  9. IcyPatriot

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    what does I_Bleed_blue think about this ... :bricks:
  10. KontradictioN

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    It's shortcomings within the personnel combined with inexperience (not knowing where to be, relying too much on God-given talent, etc.). Those two are absolutely devastating to a defense, and the results have shown so far this season.
  11. Joker

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    hey Kontra...even I could run on that sentence...:ugh:
  12. Patspsycho

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    Any scheme is sound when you've got good players who carry out their assignments.
  13. Box_O_Rocks

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    Only because you levitate over bullshoot. :p
  14. IcyPatriot

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    Ah yes ... Belichick's faster guy wrong step vs slower guy right step theorem.
  15. cmasspatsfan

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    So what happened in the first half against Cincinnati? Did they follow their assignments and now they're not. remember we were all saying how quick these guys picked up the D and how much younger and quicker they are? So are they undisciplined now?
  16. 51Hits

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    Think it's a case of them coming out hot pumped up. That's where the talent flashes. One things for sure, they were talking a lot more in that game than any other. Probably because they were preparing for them so long .
  17. Triumph

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    The scheme is sound, but the adjustments are not. Plain and simple.

    Dustin Kellers post game comments about the Jets being 1 step ahead of NE when they made adjustments said it all.
  18. WelshPat

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    I agree with this but Carson Palmer can't play anymore, i know this may surprise some people but he's one of the worst starters in the NFL right now.
  19. cmasspatsfan

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    Do you copy and paste this remark in every thread? Im going to take a poop on it :D
  20. Sicilian

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    And if you asked Freddie Mitchell who the best Eagles receiver was in 2004 he'd say it was himself. Don't take players comments as gospel. A lot of these guys know how to play, but if they all understood the ins and outs of gameplanning they wouldn't need a coach.
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