Bruschi and Jackson at practice!

Discussion in ' - Patriots Fan Forum' started by JR4, Sep 6, 2006.

  1. JR4

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    Parente's use of the word limited seems to indicate that these players

    did practice some. This is encouraging to me. I hope Parente will be

    only reporter to make the call.


    Patriots | Bruschi limited in practice Wednesday
    Wed, 6 Sep 2006 20:26:52 -0700
    Michael Parente, of the Woonsocket Call, reports New England Patriots LB Tedy Bruschi (wrist) missed portions of the team practice Wednesday, Sept. 6. Bruschi is listed as questionable for Week 1 on the team's injury report.

    Patriots | Jackson limited in practice Wednesday
    Wed, 6 Sep 2006 20:26:12 -0700
    Michael Parente, of the Woonsocket Call, reports New England Patriots WR Chad Jackson (hamstring) missed portions of the team practice Wednesday, Sept. 6. Jackson is listed as questionable for Week 1 on the team's injury report.

    Patriots | Kaczur limited in practice Wednesday
    Wed, 6 Sep 2006 20:25:33 -0700
    Michael Parente, of the Woonsocket Call, reports New England Patriots OT Nick Kaczur (shoulder) missed portions of the team practice Wednesday, Sept. 6. Kaczur is listed as questionable for Week 1 on the team's injury report. OT Ryan O'Callaghan could replace him in the lineup.
  2. patsox23

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    Not trying to be a buzzkill, but I think that just because it's listed as "missed part of practice" doesn't mean he practiced at all. So Chad Jackson may not have practiced at all. He just qualifies for the injury report (qualifies as questionable?) because he missed AT LEAST SOME portion of practice. I could be wrong.

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  3. brady2brown

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    Teams are required to say if any player missed any part of any team practices. It is a standardized statemtn. It doesn't say Jackson made any. It just say he didn't make them all. Zero is also didn't make them all.

  4. SeanBruschi54

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    Limited means they were allowed to suit up and get on the field but were not allowed to do to much.
  5. smg93

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    Limited Action Jackson is better than No action Jackson. :D
  6. Alk

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    Not if he pulls that hamstring again in the process. :D
  7. Joker

    Joker Supporter Supporter

    Belichick isn't being extra anything

    Dean Pees is going to run OUR D...not hang back like a scared girl whcich Mangini did last year

    You will see the REAL D we have had for SIX years now...injuries are our only achilles heel

    you scary amry's wonder why Seau is here?? One person ...Rodney Harrison....Bruschi will make the calls, Junior can screw up all he wants, he's 1000 times the player Beisel is...and Vrabel and Colvin, quite simply, are immense LB's of high inteligence, fronted by quite simple the most dominating defensive line in this league. Wilfork has arrived....and Seymour just became every damn O co-ordinator's worst mightmare.

    Stress all you want about the clowns are looking at possibly the smartest, most experienced set of front seven defenders this league has seen in decades.
  8. betterthanthealternative

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    I'm with you on this...with Bruschi, and if they stay healthy, they will be the best front seven in the league this year. It will be fun to root for.
  9. DarrylS

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    Don't they have to be at practice at the end of the weak to play on Sunday? I believe that is one of BB's rules.
  10. Joker

    Joker Supporter Supporter

    BB has no rules..he calls the league on all their paperwork that other teams, the Schottenheimer tree e.g. use to obfuscate and circumvent the rules

    Hey pal, you a patriot fan???..Guess what...Maroney is playing!!!

    heh heh
  11. Isaac

    Isaac Third String But Playing on Special Teams

    Wow, horrible journalism here on Parente's part. All he is doing is reporting the injury report as if it is news, but his wording is misleading such that it seems that he has some actual information. Bruschi and Jackson could be in Florida receiving treatment and they'd be listed as "missed portions of team practice."

    The media (usually) get to observe the beginning of practice---Jackson and Bruschi weren't there then on Wednesday and that's all we can or should know. If they showed up after the media left, we'll never know.

    Moderators: Any chance you could change this thread title, false-hope titles like this are tough to wake up to!
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  12. Joker

    Joker Supporter Supporter

    The best media guy the past few years was Curran...he's gone...why I don't know

    Borges needs to be smacked in his drunk yap

    Felger is a midwestern mole..that's why he gets fed all this misinformation

    Smerlas is a homer...but he's a Buffalo all pro...same with DeOssie...these two guys KNOW...especially Freddy...he's right on top of Colvin...just wait...there's gonna be a lot of local scribes wondering what thell this Colvin explosion is all about...well..damn...look at his measurables before the hip...c'mon...our achilles heel is depth..that's it...we get homefield we win..period
  13. JR4

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    Good thing Moderators didn't listen to you .... sounds like

    Parente was right! Bruschi in full pads! and Jackson practicing. :)

    Not false hopes ... sounds like Parente has an inside source to me.

    Remember he said Bruschi would start last week.

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  14. PATRIOTS-80

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  15. MoLewisrocks

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    What you fail to understand is the terminology missed a portion of practice is part of the injury report, not an indication of a source. Parente claimed no source or information aside from the report yesterday. That was you. BB said in his WEEI weekly visit on Tuesday that Tedy had been attending meetings and participating in walk throughs all along. And btw lots of media outlets were reporting last week that Tedy would start.

    But hey, if patting Parente or yourself on the back is what floats your boat...have at it. :rolleyes:
  16. vapatsfan

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  17. marty

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    Great news! 100% attendance!
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  18. PatsWorldChamps

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    not to be a buzzkill, but the only thing we know is that they were at the stretching portion... we dont know that they practiced at all
  19. PatsFan37

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    Yes and no. If they dress with the team and stretch with the team, they're probably going to practice at least some of the drills. A lot better than staying with the trainers. BB knows he's not going to fool Jauron into wondering if Kaczur will be at RT or Jackson will start at WR. They won't.

    For their sake, these guys have contract incentives to play in as many games as possible and from the coach's point of view, BB wants them practicing with the team as soon as possible. It's psychologically important to get them all on the field before the first game to build the chemistry.

    Mostly, it means everyone's healthy enough to at least run the drills. And that's no buzz.
  20. BigT815

    BigT815 Rookie

    You have to think they want Jackson on the field and getting ready. I mean, they traded up to get him in the 2nd round so they have to think he has something there. I think he might see a play or two on Sunday. They will need all the help they can get once Reche drops 4 balls in a row.

    I think a receiving core of Brown, Caldwell, Jackson and (name slipping my brain, yay work) Gabriel would be a fairly decent crop for Brady to work with. Of course it could be better, but it is just nice to see almost all the players on the field at once.

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